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Andriux's Fun House (AFH for short) is a server community, based on a first-person shooter multiplayer video game Team Fortress 2, developed by Valve Corporation[1]. It is hosted with SRCDS (Source Dedicated Server). The community currently hosts 3 servers and has over 3,500 members in its Steam group.[2]


The main server started out as a stock Mann vs. Machine listen server in Mid-August, 2012. It was known as Andriux's Server then. The server continued being a listen server up until October, 2012, when it became a dedicated server. Its map rotation went from being a Mann vs. Machine one to a custom Team Fortress 2 map rotation. The server was known as Andriux's Fun House, due to it being heavily based on custom Team Fortress and Garry's Mod maps that were made for non-competitive gameplay. On the 18th of January, 2013, the server's Steam group was created by the name of Andriux's Fun House. The server was not hosted 24/7, due to financial reasons. The group and server started slowly gaining members. The server stopped being hosted from March, 2013, again, due to financial reasons. On the server's grand re-opening on April 6th, 2013, the server started being hosted every day. After reaching 100 members, a second server opened on the 10th of June, 2013. The second server was a Mann vs. Machine one. It stopped being hosted shortly after, due to it being empty. When the group reached 180 members, the main server became 24/7. After this the server's group member count started growing exponentially. On the 14th of September, 2013, the group had 500 members and a second server opened. The second server was a premium one, meaning that any person, who has not purchased Team Fortress 2, could not play. Shortly after opening the second server, a partnership with Team Fortress Trading Raffling and Gaming nights (TFTRG) was set up. As long as the second server was dedicated to TFTRG, its members will play on the server, in turn making Andriux's Fun House more popular. The partnership had been bringing considerable amounts of players to the group, making it much more popular. on the 24th of September, 2013, the group had 3,000 members in its group. The growing started to slow down, as most of the players from TFTRG had now been in Andriux's Fun House. On the 12th of October, the community got its own sub-domain from TFTRG. The server's forums were hosted on that sub-domain. On the 27th of October, 2013, a third server was introduced - a surf server. On the 30th of October, 2013, the second server got re-purposed to a Halloween one and the other servers had Halloween theming. On the 20th of November, 2013, Andriux's Fun House got their own domain -[3]


There are currently 3 Andriux's Fun House servers: Main, Mann vs. Machine and Surf.

Main Server[edit]

The Main server is the one that has been out the most. It is Free to Play friendly and has quite a lot of custom Team Fortress 2 maps in its rotation.

Mann vs. Machine Server[edit]

The second server, currently a Mann vs. Machine server, has all of the stock Mann vs. Machine maps in its rotation and is also Free to Play friendly.

Mann vs. Machine is a co-op game mode released in Mann vs. Machine (update). In Mann vs. Machine, a team up to six players attempts to prevent a horde of AI-controlled robots from carrying a bomb to their base. Players can purchase Upgrade Station for their weapons using in-game currency, called credits. All purchased upgrades will last for the duration of the game. If a player leaves during the game for any reason, providing they reconnect, their upgrades will be retained.

Surf Server[edit]

The surf server has a lot of surf maps in its rotation and, like the other servers, is Free to Play friendly.

Surfing is a sort of minigame in TF2. You can only surf on special surf servers, that run surf maps. Surfing is about gliding on sloping surfaces and reaching a goal this way. The maps vary a lot and the goal is not always obvious. Sometimes there is only an arena, where you are free to do anything. A lot of the maps are Counter Strike ports. Some maps teleport you to a "jail", when you fall off a wall. An overwhelmingly beautiful goal room is not always included, sometimes there are boring teleporters to the enemy spawn area or to position, where the players in jail do not have a fair crack of the whip to kill you.[4]

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