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This is a set of userboxes for your favorite Boeing airliner. All of them except for the 737 and 787 templates were created by me.

Userbox WP:TGS Template
John Travoltas 707-138B (253799799).jpgThis user is a Boeing 707 fan.
{{Template:User boeing 707}}
AirtranJet.jpgThis user is a Boeing 717 fan.
{{Template:User boeing 717}}
This user is a Boeing 727 fan.
{{Template:User boeing 727}}
Astraeus.commons.b737-300.g-stra.arp.2.jpgThis user is a Boeing 737 fan.
{{Template:User boeing 737}}
Air France Boeing 747-200 F-GCBB (540756).jpgThis user is a Boeing 747 fan.
{{Template:User boeing 747}}
Air Italy B752 I-AIGA.jpgThis user is a Boeing 757 fan.
{{Template:User boeing 757}}
Delta Air Lines B767-432ER N826MH.jpgThis user is a Boeing 767 fan.
{{Template:User boeing 767}}
Delta Air Lines Boeing 777 N701DN.jpgThis user is a Boeing 777 fan.
{{Template:User boeing 777}}
Boeing 787 Roll-out.jpgThis user is a Boeing 787 fan.
{{Template:User boeing 787}}