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ru Русскийродной язык этого участника.

5256 edits in articles, 8147 total (July 8, 2008).

4 featured articles, 4 good articles, 1 featured portal and 1 featured list.

en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.

146 edits in articles, 168 total (July 8, 2008).

Small edits and interwikies to the Russian Wikipedia.

de-2 Dieser Benutzer hat fortgeschrittene Deutschkenntnisse.

2 edits in articles, 6 total (July 8, 2008).

bg-0 Този потребител не знае български

2 edits in articles, 10 total (July 8, 2008).

it-0 Questo utente non capisce l'italiano.

1 edit in articles, 16 total (July 8, 2008).

sr-0 Овај корисник не разум(иј)е или са великим потешкоћама разум(иј)е понешто српски језик.
No edits in articles.
be-2 Гэты ўдзельнік/гэтая ўдзельніца ведае беларускую мову на сярэднім узроўні.


cu-1 Сь польѕевател҄ь глаголѥтъ словѣньскы зълѣ.