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Awarded to AndyZ for nearly getting History of New Jersey to FA status, -- Spawn Man

These are the featured articles that I have written:

Cscr-featured.png History of New Jersey: Peer Review | FAC | On Main page July 4, 2006-My contributions: 287 edits, main writer, contributer, copyeditor

Cscr-featured.png Mount Rushmore: Peer Review | FAC | On Main page December 6, 2006-My contributions: 101 edits, main contributor and copyediting

In addition, I have helped a lot on:

Cscr-featured.png History of Miami, Florida: Peer Review | FAC | On Main page May 23, 2006-My contributions: 74 edits, contributor and main copyeditor

Helped out a bit in the following FARCs