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well, i've finally made an account - i previously have made a few anon. edits and comments under my name; Andrew Hill, from ip's in the 172.19.x.x range (UQ)

I'm undertaking a PhD at the university of Queensland, looking at image processing to improve the specificity of contrast enhaced MRI scans for the detection of breast cancer.

Interests: computational science - computers in order to simulate anything.

Projects which i intend to do some day and/or may have some work done already:

1) my own hybrid ray tracer/ polygon shader rendering engine (dynamic detail in real time, while maintaining long range visibility and high detail)

2) cryptography -- 2 encryptions schemes which are "hard" to break (hard == impossible w/o a mathematical breakthrough)

a) one based on pseaudo random number generation
b) second one based on impossibility of an exact inverse fourier transform within descrete sample space.

3) a virtual workd containing:

 a) real weather
   i) coupled navia-stokes approximations , p v and t, moisture (last two are hard)
  ii) dynamic accuracy in order to be able to interact with it in real time w/o producing non-physical results
 b) some type of plant growth/dynamics
   i) random generation of plants
  ii) growth
 iii) coupled with above weather sim
 c) ai creatures
   i) more than a script, genetic algorithm for behaivour, so little long term predictabiliy of behaivior.
 d) social organisation of these creatures (development of cities/ trade)

4) automated music composition (fractal,golden ratio, recursive)

5) alternate sound base for music (not tones of consant frequency)