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I have only been doing this a short time, but I am very interested in some of the topics in here that I feel need refining or a different point of view.

Some Personal Information[edit]

The Real Me[edit]

My real nickname is "Bud" which is what most people call me. I am married, work in IT, and have an interest in both computers and reading.


I grew up a military brat. Two of the places that I fondly remember and still enjoy are Camp Lejeune, NC and Guantamano Bay, Cuba.


Current projects that I am interested in working on[edit]

  • First and foremost, refining the Wiki web page for the high school from which I graduated.
  • Anything regarding Guantamano Bay, Cuba. I lived there for five years and I loved it. I spent my first two years of high school there and met my wife there.
  • The US Military, specifically the Marine Corps. Also the VA Cemetery System. My father worked for the National Cemetery Association for more than 12 years in the Phoenix location. I learned alot about the cemetery and various aspects of care of it through him.
  • Airlines and aircraft.
  • Finally, Department of Defense Schools.

Pages which I have made significant changes[edit]

Pages I wish to see revised and direction[edit]

I would like to add sections to this article to include Animal Life, a breakdown of history by more significant periods, add more to the history than is stated in the article, decrease the size of the information regarding the detention camps (since those are a mess unto themselves, and include more information on previous significant commands.

I would like to actually completely rewrite this article, as whoever initially wrote it, wrote it to put the camp in a bad light. The camp had been around since the late 40s or early 50s, well before it was even used to house fleeing Haitians. There is no mention of this in the article or the apparent metamorphosis that took the camp from being a place used a couple of times a year for visiting commands to an area adjacent to the detainee hold area, then further evolving (or devolving) into the camps that are now there.

Really? First, what makes Nob Hill a notable housing area? What about all the others? What the types of structures and the differences between the housing areas?

Yeah, I have put a lot on my plate...

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