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Hello. I am the Wikipedian known as AnemoneProjectors, though you can call me AP or Anemone if you prefer. I have been a Wikipedian since 11 June 2006 and an administrator since 11 February 2007. You can read my RFA here. I contribute mainly to articles relating to EastEnders and The X Factor. I am a member of the EastEnders WikiProject and created the EastEnders portal (though it is not currently maintained). I am also a member of WikiProjects on Doctor Who, The X Factor, Big Brother, soap operas, fictional characters, and Hertfordshire. Additionally, I am a member of WikiProject Disambiguation. One of my hobbies is photography and some of my photos are used in Wikipedia articles.

Red cat.
  1. ^ Excludes Wikipedia maintenance, sockpuppet and project cateories. Categories marked * have been renamed since I created them.
  2. ^ Images may have since been removed
  3. ^ As of 13 April 2015
  4. ^ As of 13 April 2015 (includes deleted contributions)