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About Me[edit]

I suck at layouts, so don't expect me to do great on this userpage. Anyway, the things I like, I'll put into userboxes (if I can actually get them to WORK), so here's a bunch of random stuff about me.

Quote: "Nothing EVER Lasts (EVER). Not even love, no matter how much you (or movies) may wish it." I made that up myself, but it's totally true. TOTALLY. Okay, I'm repeating too much. Anyway, to the point, my MAIN hobby is reading books. Who DOESN'T love books?? Everyone HAS to love at least one book!!! My favourite type is fiction. Non-fiction is just WAY too boring. And I HATE books with sad endings. There are WAY too many sad endings in the real world that you don't need to be reminded of it in the fictional world. My favourite movie is actually a movie trilogy. Yep, Pirates of the Caribbean! Who DOESN'T love that trilogy??! It's one of the BEST trilogies EVER made! I wonder if it's going to stay a trilogy... Anyway, my MOST favourite anime AND manga series is Fullmetal Alchemist. It's hard to make BOTH the anime AND manga good, but this series TOTALLY succeeded. Of course, I have a lot of other manga favourites... like Hellsing, Beet the Vandal Buster, Imadoki! (Nowadays), etc. I don't really watch TV that much, but I have to say that Smallville was the BEST show created!! I'll die when it ends, which'll be very soon. I guess it'll only last one more year. :( :( :( My other favourite shows include Supernatural, 6Teen, Danny Phantom, Fullmetal Alchemist, of course, Avatar the Last Airbender (Someone needs to create a Userbox for that), and others that I can't remember right now.


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