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The phrases "single handedly and sole handedly" are a well known interchangeable pair of phrases that essentially mean the same thing .<> The phrases main root words lie in the root words single and sole. With single meaning "sin·gle /ˈsiNGgəl/ Adjective Only one; not one of several: eg. "a single red rose". Noun An individual person or thing rather than part of a pair or a group. Verb Choose someone or something from a group for special treatment." ,<> Synonyms of single include: Synonyms adjective. sole - unmarried - only - lone - individual - solitary verb. select - choose - cull - pick out - separate , <> The word single originates from the Latin word singulus individual, single, (plural) one apiece, derivative of *sem- one. And was derived in to modern english, through first, the Middle English word, sengle , which was in tern gotten from the old french word " singulus" which was originally borrowed from Latin ,<> The word single is widely used in modern english today<> And was taken into the phrases single handed and then by extension single handedly which means : "sin·gle-hand·ed (snggl-hndd) adj. 1. Working or done without help; unassisted. 2. Intended for use with one hand. 3. Having or using only one hand. adv. In a single-handed manner." ,,<>

Sole handedly. the phrase "sole handedly" although less used ,<> finds its base word in the word sole. The definition of sole is as follows: "sole /sōl/ Noun

   The undersurface of a person's foot.
   A marine flatfish of almost worldwide distribution, important as a food fish. Several species are in the families Soleidae, Pleuronectid...

Verb Put a new sole onto (a shoe). Adjective One and only: "my sole aim". Synonyms single - only - exclusive - alone - one - lone - unique " ,<> It is from the third definition "One and only" that the saying sole handed get's a Half of its meaning from.<> Thus sole handed means quote " To do some thing by ones self with out aid, single-handedly ,<>

The word sole has its origin in the Latin word "sola" which means alone. Which was grafted into modern english, first through the Old English word bearing the same spelling "sole" which in turn was burrowed from middle french. " Origin: 1300–50; Middle English < Middle French < Old Provençal < Vulgar Latin *sola (for Latin solea; see sole2 ), so called from its flat shape; compare Spanish suela, Italian soglia, Portuguese solha " ,<>

Therefor sole handedly can also be used to describe quote "attempting, completing, or doing an action alone" End of quote. <>

Examples of uses for the word sole include"  

1.the sole living relative. 2. being the only one of the kind; unique; unsurpassed; matchless: the sole brilliance of the gem 3.functioning automatically or with independent power: the sole authority. 4.Chiefly Law. unmarried. ,<> ect. The phrase sole handedly has been used to describe widows raising infant children in modern times (Had google link here cant be saved)


  The word handedly is defined as 

"Adjective of the word handed" by the website "" <> And Handed is defined on the same site as follows : "hand·ed (hndd) adj. 1. Of or relating to dexterity, preference, or size with respect to a hand or hands. Often used in combination: one-handed; left-handed; large-handed. 2. Relating to a specified number of people. Often used in combination: a four-handed card game. 3. Of or relating to the mirror-image structure of a chiral molecule."

Therefor, both the sayings "single handedly and sole handedly" mean " Working or done without help; unassisted."<> C. Martin April 2nd 2013.


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