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Welcome To The angrykeyboarder User Page[edit]

angrykeyboarder (a/k/a: Scott") is a single 40 50-something male and a self-described Computer Geek (not to be confused with traditional geeks who are also often fond of Movies, Books and Computer Games that involve the genres known as Science Fiction and/or Fantasy - stuff he finds immensely dull).

angrykeyboarder stumbled upon his nickname by accident when he saw it used (only once) on an online forum sometime during 2004. He immediately adopted it and if one searches for the name "angrykeyboarder" on the Internets, odds are 95% that any hits will involve him.

angrykeyboarder felt the name was appropriate for himself for a number of reasons but mostly due to frequent anger brought on by his Bipolar Disorder, Type II.

angrykeyboarder spends most of his days at his computer and usually on the Internets.

angrykeyboarder is presently unemployed and disabled due to an illness known as Bipolar Disorder, Type II. He receives monthly disability income from the United States Social Security Administration.

In addition to Computers and Software, angrykeyboarder enjoys, Theatre (both Musicals and Plays), listening to music (usually Contemporary R&B), writing in third-person and follows the Commercial Aviation Industry.

angrykeyboarder can be found all over the Internets on various social networking websites, web forums, mailing lists, blogs, journals and Usenet Newsgroups. He also has a User ID/Screen name ("angrykeyboarder", naturally) on all the major Instant Messaging networks, although he's not been spotted on any of them much these days. He can be found even less often on IRC. Regardless "angrykeyboarder" is the name he uses everywhere (except on some of the older IRC networks that don't allow a nick of that length (such as efnet. On those networks he's usually "angrykeys".

angrykeyboarder maintains a web site at, although it currently redirects to his blog as he can't seem to get around to slapping up a few decent web pages.

angrykeyboarder has no children and has never married (although he was engaged once). He presently resides in Phoenix, Arizona (1982-1996, 2004-present). He has also lived in Atlanta, Georgia (1996-2004) and wishes he were still there. He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah (1960-1982). Unlike a majority of those from Utah, he has never been a Mormon. He is Agnostic.

And lastly, angrykeyboarder thinks Wikipedia is the greatest thing to happen to the Internets since NCSA Mosaic and that's precisely why you're reading this now.