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I use Fedora, a GNU/Linux distribution, version 8 on my PC and 6 on my laptop. I extremely dislike Windows. I am a supporter of the FSF, the GNU project, free software, the free software movement, the Fedora project, etc.

I know how to create websites in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. I can also program in Java, C++, and C (beginner programmer), but am looking into more programming languages.

I am also interested in video editing and am experienced in editing video and creating DVDs.

Because I am experienced in computers, I also knows a lot about other types of technology, such as cameras (video and still), TVs, etc.

One of my computer pet peeves is people calling the GNU/Linux operating system just Linux. Since I support GNU and its philosophy (and the FSF), and not so much the philosophy of Linux and open source (although I still do because some are similar), I want to make sure everyone knows about the GNU project so that they can fight for their freedom.


I mostly edit and create articles and pages related to free software or computers in general. See my Contribuitions.

I revert vandalism using Twinkle and looking through the Recent changes page and the New pages page.

I also like to improve my user pages.