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If I perform an administrative action you disagree with, feel free to undo it without my permission.


About me[edit]

I'm a Los Angeles based artist who has previously worked in animation. I'm not terribly active these days, as I'm working on a collection, but will pop in daily for a few edits. If I need a break from creating on canvas, I may spend some significant time here using my words to create instead. I'm also an erstwhile comic book penciller, and occasionally edit character articles in the field. Some might argue a conflict of interest, but I rarely work with characters or books I've drawn. I love off the wall topics, so if you have a bizarre article you need help with, let me know.

Current focus on Wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia has a real problem with copyright violations. I do some work at WP:Suspected copyright violations, weeding out subjects that are not notable and rewriting or stubbing those that are without the copyrighted text. I also do some searching via the magic of our random article button, reworking articles that have no sources or are copyright violations. I also do some work on comic book characters and soap operas. Comic books are great fun, and frankly easy, unchallenging entertainment for someone who works out of there home.

Administrative actions[edit]

On December 25, 2008, I was made an administrator. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas, but it was a nice present nonetheless. I intend to be pretty conservative with the tools, and will mostly be sticking to speedy deleting the most obvious candidates or blocking the most obvious vandals or sockpuppeteers. I'm more than happy to copy a deleted article into your user space if you so request, and if you're a trustworthy, long-time editor I'll be more than happy to grant you the rollback feature.


If you feel I've abused my position, I'm open to recall. I'm not sure exactly what process I'll use, but likely something along the line of Lar's model.

Contacting me[edit]

While I do have an email account attached to my Wikipedia account, I rarely check it. If you need to contact me, my talk page is usually best (especially for the sake of transparency).

Articles you should read[edit]

Michael Turner (comics). One of the greats. This article doesn't do him justice, and I was lucky to have worked with him.

Barnstars and other goodies[edit]

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Good reading[edit]

While you're here, please read my favorite essay, written about Wikipedia, by Antandrus.