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Board puzzles with algebra of binary variables
Variable (mathematics)
Variable (programming)
Variable and attribute (research)
Hidden variables
Hidden variable theory
User:Coder Dan/Sandbox
Bell's theorem
Kochen–Specker theorem
Local hidden variable theory
Spekkens Toy Model
Doubly stochastic model
Factor analysis
Item response theory
Latent class model
Latent Dirichlet allocation
Latent variable
Latent variable model
Latent semantic analysis
Local independence
Mixture model
Nuisance variable
Pachinko allocation
Partial least squares regression
Probabilistic latent semantic analysis
Topic model
Automatic variable
Class variable
Environment variable
External variable
Global variable
Instance variable
Local variable
Member variable
Metasyntactic variable
Parameter (computer programming)
Sigil (computer programming)
Singleton variable
Smart variables
Static variable
Temporary variable
Thread-local storage
Undefined variable
Uninitialized variable
Unreferenced variable
Variable shadowing
Volatile variable