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Anish nellickal

Anish nellickal an environmentalist, Blogger and Nurseryman "Nellickal nursery" is an Agricultural enterprise establed 1999 at Veliyancode Schoolpadi, Ponnani taluk Malappuram Kerala India.[edit]

For the past 22 years Nellickal nursery has been involved in the production, marketing and distribution of agricultural plant meterial, Fruit gardening, Butterfly gardening, Miyawaki forest, Man made forest, Tree transplantation / Transplanting, Landscaping gardening, Pruning in trees, Rejuvenation therapy in trees, Bonsai training, Bonsai making, Water bonsai making, Medicinal gardening, Birth star plants setting, Zodiac plants setting, Palnt propagation training, Vertical gardening, Kokedama gardening, Plant nursery setting, Farm setting, Agriculture consultant etc ...[edit]

There are two Nature club operating on this nursery campus "Plant village Charitable Society" (Reg.No:MPM/ CA/765/2017) and "Plant Aqua and Fish Conservation of India" (Reg.No:MPM/CA/416/2016).[edit]

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