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My name is Anish Shah and my mission is:

  1. To ensure that Jainism is depicted accurately and objectively on the Pages of Wikipedia
  2. To contribute and create articles on Jainism that provide a meaningful insight to the principles of Jainism to Jains and non-Jains alike.

Significant Contributions/ Major revamp[edit]

  1. Karma in Jainism - Objective : To ensure that it receives a status of featured article.
  2. Legal Status of Jainism as a Distinct Religion
  3. Jain Cosmology
  4. Anekantavada LinkFA-star.png per [1]
  5. Jain philosophy

Articles created by me[edit]

Jain Scriptures[edit]

Ācāranga sūtra  • Sūtrakrtanga  • Sthānānga  • Samavāyānga  • Vyākhyāprajñapti or Bhagavati sūtra  • Jnātrdhārmakathāh  • Upāsakadaśāh  • Antakrddaaśāh  • Anuttaraupapātikadaśāh  • Satkhandāgama  • Prasnavyakaranani‎  • Vipakasruta‎  • Drstivada‎  • Aupapātika  • Purvas  • Niyamasara‎  • Pancastikayasara‎  • Tiloya Panatti  • Jnanarnava  • Dravyasamgraha

Philisophy and concepts[edit]

Jainism and non-creationism  • Ahimsa in Jainism  • Dharma (Jainism)  • Nirvana (Jainism)  • Kevala Jnana  • Moksa (Jainism)  • Samsara (Jainism)  • Gunasthana  • Tattva (Jainism)  • Lesya  • Kayotsarga  • Micchami Dukkadam  • Types of Karma  • Causes of Karma  • Asrava  • Samvara  • Parasparopagraho Jivanam  • Arya metre  • Atman (Jainism)  • Dravya (Jainism)  • Salakapurusa


Nathuram Premi  • Ācārya Pujyapada  • Sukhlal Sanghvi  • Jambuvijaya  • Yasovijaya  • Hiravijaya  • Nalini Balbir  • Paul Dundas  • Padmanabh Jaini  • Bal Patil


Template on Jain Scriptures  • Template on Jain Philosophy  • Template:Jainism timeline

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My Barnstars[edit]

Jainismbarnstar.jpg The Jainism Barnstar
For your contributions in FA Anekantavada and Jainism related articles. Continue your good work. --Redtigerxyz (talk) 11:09, 19 September 2008 (UTC)
Jainismbarnstar.jpg The Jainism Barnstar
For your contributions in Jainism related articles. --ProudJain (talk) 14:01, 13 January 2015 (UTC)

List of To Do[edit]

Following is pending for Jainism articles

Atricles to be created or expanded[edit]

Jain Yoga · Samyaktva · Nayavada · Gunasthana · History of Jainism · Trisastisalakapurasa · God in Jainism · Jain logic · Samyama or Self-control (Jainism)

Clean-up required[edit]

  • All spellings of Tirthankara's to be made as per IAST and add succession boxes.
  • Clean up all other spellings and grammar.

Add jainism section for the following articles[edit]

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