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I am a physicist whose early days included research in the U.S. Space Program and a variety of projects dealing with re-entry of Apollo manned spacecraft, development of electromagnetic sensors, and other work in atmospheric physics. In these fields I authored peer reviewed papers in Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Physical Chemistry, NASA official documents and other publications.

I came down to earth and began applying myself to environmental science. I founded a private research and consulting firm and worked in the fields of air quality dispersal modelling, groundwater contamination, environmental acoustics, pesticide transport, thermal pollution of water bodies, and population dynamics of biological systems. In this career i published over 300 technical articles. I have served as a member of the National Academy of Sciences, Transportation Research Board.

Throughout my life I have been a student of art history (particularly European and California art); early European history; Roman history; and Roman jewelry artifacts.

My academic background includes PhD. in physics from Stanford University.

Some of the articles created:

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Majority authorship (over 50 percent of content)

I have made substantive contributions to over 2000 articles including: Edit counter