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Hello, I am a Professional Engineer (Electrical, Electronic and Communications) living in Melbourne, Australia. Some of my interests are set out below - and some may hint at potential Wikipedia articles from me in the future.

Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

Having been an enthusiastic user of Wikipedia for a long time, I have from April 2011 commenced contributing:

Summary of my contributions to date
Interest Topic Created Major updates Minor updates to related pages
Astronomy Astronomy Airmass and astronomy (section) Astronomy

Observational astronomy

Solar telescope


Communications systems Internet File:AARNet trans-Pacific traffic growth.png

File:AARNet logo.svg

File:AARNet Network 1993.png

File:AARNet International Network.png

File:AARNet National Network.png

File:AARNet timeline.svg

AARNet (multiple sections added) ASKAP

Index of Internet-related articles

Nextgen Networks


Universities Australia

Digital video
Videoconference systems Tandberg
Environmental sustainability Solar energy File:Airmass geometry.png

File:SolarPanel alignment.png

Air mass coefficient

Solar tracker

Air mass



Index of solar energy articles

Solar energy


Theory of solar cell

Music and theatre Australian rock Mike Rudd Discography (section) Mike Rudd

Spectrum (band)

Indelible Murtceps

Australian ballet The Australian Ballet

Edouard Borovansky

Laurel Martyn

Professional life[edit]

A summary of my professional career is available at LinkedIn.

story to be continued another day...