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About Anna Aniston[edit]


Anna Aniston is an occasional Wikipedian. She enjoys wiki best when time can be squeezed from her life of work, study, thinking, theorising, revolutionising, photographing, and talking.

Anna is a class war feminist who believes in the sexual liberation of the class. To that end, she edits Anal Anarchy, an erratical erotic journal of the autonomist left. The last edition came off in 2002.

Blogs &tc.[edit]

Anna is a wikipedian who blogs at Anna Aniston (perblog), and Anarcha Adventures (politico-blog).

She takes pictures of things and whacks them onto Flickr too. (GFDL or cc-by, please!)

Wiki sissies[edit]

When Anna is (rarely) on one of the wikipedia sister projects, she goes by the original name AnnaAniston.

Current Wikipedia Projects[edit]

Anna Aniston has authored Fanya Baron The Raspberry Reich W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism.

Stubs and bad articles (they need help - help them!!) vegetotherapy W.I.T.C.H. (organisation) Jo Freeman

Minor Edits and Copyedits[edit]

Anna keeps her eye on various left wing and revolutionary pages, as well as pages related to feminism, society and law.

Articles which may well be created: Nabat Wheely good sound system

Articles I read and edit: Anarcha-Feminism Anarcho-Syndicalism Anarchist Organisations Anarchy Class War Feminism The Handmaid's Tale IWW Law Grigori Maximoff Pro-sex feminism Radical Feminism Rape SCUM Manifesto Shere Hite Symbionese Liberation Army The Vagina Monologues Valerie Solanas V-Day

Wikipedia projects Anna participates in[edit]

To do (an attempt to become efficient in at least something)[edit]

Wiki Pikis[edit]

Anna has added photographs to Wikipedia in the following articles

  • Darlington, New South Wales - [[Image:Darlington%2C_NSW%2C_Lane.jpg]], [[Image:Darlington%2C_NSW%2C_Street.jpg]]
  • Glebe Point Road - [[Image:Badde_Mannors_Cafe_GlebePtRd.jpg]]
  • Fanya Baron - [[Image:FanyaBaron.jpg]]
  • Fifelfoo - [[Image:Fifelfoo.JPG]]
  • Reclaim the streets - [[Image:RTS_Barnry_thmb.jpg]]
  • Tim Tam - [[Image:Tim_tam.jpg]]. I'm a bit stunned (in a good way) to learn that User:Cnwb is using the Tim Tam image as a way to thank people who've supported them in their quest for adminship. Freaky. I hope it takes off.
  • Jura Books [[Image:Jura_inside.jpg]]

She likes to take pictures, but doens't always set out to do so. She has a Sony Cybershot P73 or so, and it can be pretty good.

If you need a photo of something in or around the inner west of Sydney, you can ask by putting a request on my talk page. I should probably say that if I do you a favour (take a picture), then I'd like it if you weren't pushy with me. I'm happy to do it for ordinary civility though, don't think I need you to suck up to me.

Wiki Bias[edit]

Beware: America isn't the only place on Earth![edit]

Anna Aniston is an Australian. Normally she doesn't even think about this fact in her day to day life. In political terms, she is opposed to any and all nationalism. However, online, she is concerned that internationalism (or more hopefully 'antinationalism') is subsumed by small-minded Americans who can't conceive of themselves as part of a larger world. It's not all Americans, some of you are tops. Its not only Americans, I can appreciate that.

Just look at an atlas - one of the ones with the geographical and population information in them. See - there are other countries, and other people live in them. They don't look like you, but they might not look half bad. Go to a website that ends in something other than .com - its in a different language that you might not understand. This is actual evidence that the world doesn't revolve around the U S of A, and the AOL servers. So fucking believe it, comrade.

To the seppos who aren't fuckheads, my heart goes out to you. Totally.

Wiki wishlist (tired of playing the 'whack a mole' game)[edit]

One day disputes manufactured on feminism, Valerie Solanas, anarchism and radical feminism will be responded to in kind: by a political refusal to engage in the power games of elitist wankers. Its not like lesbian anarchists regularly go onto the white pride page and demand that neo-fascism be described with their sensibilities in mind. Why do proto-fascist men always want us libertarian women to kowtow to them? What's more, why do we let them by engaging in 'reasonable debate' to 'bring them round' to our way of thinking (more like running them round till they get bored and give up). Death to the fascist insect!

(don't) email me, sanctimonious bastards beware[edit]

I really don't check my email. Besides, I think that if you have something to actually say to me about wikipedia, you can say it on my talk page. I check that daily. Everyone can see it too, so its all open and accountable. If you're emailing me privately so you can spout sanctimonious crap at me, don't. I'll just use the f-word a lot and you won't be happy with the results. Then you'll probably make a complaint about me attacking you with swear words and offending your delicate sensibilities. Let's make it nice and clear now - I don't like preachy emails about how I need to grow as a person and I will respond by telling you to fuck off. So if you don't like reading offensive words, don't write private condescending shit to me.

Climbing the wall -if its not broke, don't fix it[edit]

Often, a controversial article will get a really good copyedit, taking it to the status of "really good article". Then, because its a controversial topic, someone decides that they can change good text into sloppy, uncited and politically vitriolic text. This also happens a lot to articles that attempt to contradict systemic gender and nationality biases (yes, that's you Yankee). Just because there's an article about feminism, women or being nice to one another doesn't make it POV. It also doesn't make it OK for you to fuck it up because it doesn't represent your POV! I find fixing and attending to these articles to be like climbing a never-ending wall - like those ones at the climbing gym. It seems to happen a lot to the articles I'm interested in editing. Such as:

Somewhere along the line we all need to learn when to look but not touch!

Vandalism isn't funny[edit]

But sometimes it is. Some vandals strive for humour, and some have humourousness thrust upon them.

  • Definition of a tort [1], and again [2]
  • Whoever thought that parachute pants could be used this way [3]