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Who I am:

I'm a fairly new editor.

I'm a transsexual woman.

I must confess, this presents me with a conundrum. I've been reading stuff like Wikipedia:Expert_rebellion and thinking about how 'expert' is defined for trans women. The people who have power of definition over our lives usually don't know much about us. I have fifty some years experience living as myself. The PhD who hasn't spent a day living as a trans woman will tell me I can't be an expert on transsexualism, only on the experience of being transsexual (and I'm quoting one of them here).

Sorry, Doc, that's all there is - the experience of being transsexual. Anything else is bigotry, prejudice, and general arrogant assholery. We have every right, and every duty, to fight you by any means necessary. You might try to take over this space, as you've taken over debate about our lives in so many others, but we will fight you. And we will, one day, win.

- annieo