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Images used in EN Wikipedia articles. I didn't take these, I either found them or just asked nicely for them to be released under the Creative Commons licenses (attribution or attribution share-alike) or GNU Free Documentation License for Wikipedia use. User:Videmus Omnia/Free Images is someone who's much better at this than I am.

I'm Commons:User:AnonEMouse, where I'm not an admin, but am a trusted user. There are a few other images at Commons that I uploaded to Commons that aren't used here that I haven't listed.

From Flickr request[edit]

I've made about 67 requests to Flickr users, and gotten these 46 images changed to Creative Commons Attribution or Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licenses, so we can use them. All I can offer them is effusive thanks, possibly a bit of publicity, since Wikipedia is the #8 web site in the world (was #9 when I started asking!), and the knowledge that they are contributing to a free Encyclopedia, but that seems to often be enough. Three people gave me multiple images each from one request; three others wouldn't change the license on Flickr, but emailed me the image under GFDL or CC-BY-SA; two people contributed single images that I cut into two for two articles; one has started to write me as their gateway to put images up on Wikipedia; one person said they were already a Wikipedia user, and would happily upload their image themselves; and one was not only a Wikipedian, but User:Jimbo Wales! At Flickr, I'm AnonEMouse0.

From Email Requests[edit]

I've gotten these 8 images from about 19 email requests (including one person who came to me asking how to best expand an article related to them -- naturally I suggested contributing an image; and two people whom I asked for one image, and got two!). A lower rate of success here, though the incentives would seem to be the same. I guess the difference is that Flickr users are usually fans, rather than article subjects, while these email requests are generally to people more closely connected to article subjects.

From searching[edit]

74 images so far. I looked around on the web for appropriate images with free licenses, and occasionally trimmed or cropped appropriately. A number of these came from and User:Tabercil/Luke Ford permission - extra thanks, both of you! Other fruitful places for images with free licenses: