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  • I was raised by wolves before running away to join the circus.
  • Around the time the pork pie (with a pickled onion) was popularised among Londoners my 6th Great-grandfather was a coachman in the city and his son a butcher in Melton Mowbray where the pie originated. But as I don't have reliable sources I can say no more. Such is life for a 20 year plus vegetarian on wikipedia. Its all about the sauces sources. (Sweeney Todd jokes optional)
  • I've had creepy, obsessive stalkers, who love to disrupt and white-ant, for far too long (before Wikipedia but if they haven't followed me here I'd be very surprised).
    • My associated apologies & thank yous to those who share obscure pages on my watchlist. I've learned to yawn and shake my head but thanks to all for dealing with their toddler-throws-tantrum 'Look at me! Mummy! You must look at me!' vandalism attempts.
    • (As years have gone by...) Yes, they have followed me here. They're mainly Australian (but with international friends) & their slow, creeping harassment attempts with a view to get me banned can been seen as overkill for someone, like me, who has, for years stuck to history, usually, north midlands & associated areas. They are well connected, slimey, sleazy, nutjobs.
    • Publicly they're the most lefty, feminist allies....They're also (privately) rampant misogynists who hate independent women who won't kiss their feet, or willingly suck anything else, like me. (We're rebellious crones & witches! We must be taught a lesson lest others follow our lead!
    • Their Modus operandi is to come across as reasonable, then through sly bribes, 'help', entrapment & eventually, threats, to get third-parties to do their bidding - which includes cover-ups & falsifying evidence. In Australia, they're big fish in a small pond (they'd never thrive elsewhere). That's how they avoid direct involvement in criminal acts & how their group has continued such tactics against many for decades.
    • Like I said... well connected, slimey, sleazy, nutjobs.

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