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The following is a list of the wikipedia projects I'm working on, with some detail about the status of my efforts. This pages serves to inform folks who are interested in this work, as well as a personal repository for tracking progress and outstanding issues.

Inhabitants of Woodstock[edit]

Working to create a new page that addresses rampant problems with names being added to this list, and to separate it from the article on the town. For details of the issues, see the article's talk page. or progress on the new page, see: User:Anson2995/projects/List of people from Woodstock, New York.

Copyright Issues in NFL Player Bios[edit]

I'm spearheading an effort to identify and correct plagarism / copyright violatons in articles about NFL players. It's a substantial problem. See this page for more information, and please let me know if you're interested in helping.

  • Possible problems: Jim Otto (unclear if external site is the original source or simply a Wikipedia mirror).
  • lists above last updated April 10, 2007

Football Coaches[edit]

Working on a project to make sure every NFL head coach in history has a page. I have created a full-fledged entry for:

Jim Hanifan, Clark Shaughnessy

I have created a stub for the following guys, and they need to be expanded.

Norman Barry, Milan Creighton, Chuck Drulis, Arnold_Horween, Harvey Johnson (coach), Hank Kuhlmann, Ray Prochaska, Dewey Scanlon, Paul Schissler, Charlie Waller (football coach)

Also need to go through the pages for each coach to make sure their entry includes mention of their NFL head coaching experience. Some of them (such as Ray Willsey), make no mention of it at all.

A next step would be to go through the team histories and the list of coaches to make sure that all of the links work. Some will need redirects or disambiguation.

NFL HOFers[edit]

Go through List of Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees to see which player links need disambiguation.

NFL's Mr. Irrelevant[edit]

Players who were Mr. Irrelevant, but do not have pages. Also page through the succession box to make sure all links work. Many of them need disambiguation.