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Me, and my efforts[edit]

Wikimedia projects[edit]
  • My editing here mostly focused on Biographies (Singer, Freedom Fighter, Social Reformer, Poet, Philosopher),
and places, cultures, languages, organizations, bands, movies but I edit various kind of articles.
  • I help users with their accounts at Account Creation Interface and welcome new users, and also assist them.
  • I have worked on NPP, AFD, Wikification, Feedback dashboard, Disambiguation, Dyk..., etc.
  • I translate interface messages on for Odia and Hindi languages.
  • An administrator on Odia Wikipedia since September 2011.
  • I mostly create/fix templates, report/fix bugs/issues, fix copyright licenses, categorize pages, tweak formats/layouts.
  • I help users with editing, and other issues on Wikipedia.
  • Also try to reach to them on-wiki and off-wiki regarding how they can contribute.
  • I have participated in various outreach programs for Wikimedia projects and led few workshops for Odia Wikipedia.

Contact information[edit]

My local time is 15:01, July 6, 2015 IST (purge)

I have access to the following interfaces, if you ever need assistance
Account Creation[edit]
Odia Wikipedia[edit]

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