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My Name is Anthony Cope I work for a Cardiff University and I am getting to grips with Wikipedia.

Contribution - Got a minute and did these[edit]

Monmouth Related[edit]

  1. The Cross, Monmouth - Started
  2. 24 Church Street, Monmouth - Started
  3. Monmouth Cemetery - Started
  4. Monmouth Workhouse - Started
  5. Vauxhall Fields, Monmouth - Started
  6. Chippenham Park, Monmouth - Started
  7. Monmouth Cricket Club - Started
  8. The Gatehouse, Monmouth - Started
  9. The Queens Head, Monmouth - Started
  10. Oak House, Monmouth - Started
  11. Monmouth Fire and Rescue Station - Started
  12. Ancre Hill Estates - Started
  13. Monmouth Golf Club - Started
  14. Wyastone Leys - Started
  15. The Punch House, Monmouth - Started
  16. Agincourt Square, Monmouth - Started
  17. Osbaston, Monmouth - Started
  18. 1 Monk Street, Monmouth - Started
  19. War Memorials, Monmouth - Started
  20. The Three Horseshoes, Monmouth - Started
  21. North Parade House, Monmouth - Started
  22. The Vine Tree, Monmouth - Started
  23. Priory House, Monmouth - Started
  24. Parade House, Monmouth - Started
  25. The Griffin, Monmouth - Started
  26. Croft-Y-Bwla, Monmouth - Started
  27. Little Castle House, Monmouth - Started
  28. Former Cottage Hospital, Monmouth - Started
  29. The Mayhill Hotel, Monmouth - Started
  30. The Riverside Hotel, Monmouth - Started
  31. Monnow Mill - Started
  32. The Royal Oak, Monmouth - Started
  33. The Green Dragon, Monmouth - Started
  34. Monmouth Male Voice Choir - Started
  35. Old Nag's Head, Monmouth added The Dixton Gate section
  36. Dixton added The Dixton Mound section
  37. Charles Henry Crompton-Roberts added some bits an pieces
  38. Monmouth Viaduct added some facts about the viaduct from Keith Kissack and Alan Crow
  39. Monmouth Gasworks added some bits
  40. Monmouth Hospital added some history
  41. Mayor of Monmouth added some Mayors and some links
  42. Tom Price (actor) added some bits
  43. Roger Kenneth Evans added some bits
  44. Aneirin Hughes added some bits
  45. Monmouth RFC added some references to confirm facts
  46. Wye Bridge, Monmouth added some bits from Alan Crow
  47. Sinking of the RMS Lusitania added some relatives to deaths

Other Articles[edit]

  1. Cope Bros & Co - Started
  2. Thomas Cope - Started
  3. George Cope (Tobacco manufacturer) - Started
  4. Charles Piers Egerton Hall - Started

Articles I Intend Create - When I get a minute unless someone else does it first[edit]

  1. Murders in Monmouth - found a few
  2. Drownings Nr Monmouth - a few of those found too
  3. Weirhead Street, Monmouth
  4. Former Pubs, Monmouth
  5. Thomas Henry Cope
  6. John Arnold Cope
  7. Monmouth Turnpike Trust
  8. Former vicarage, Monmouth
  9. Caxton Tower
  10. Drybridge, Monmouth
  11. Steam Saw Mills, Monmouth
  12. Gibraltar Tunnels, Monmouth
  13. The Knowle
  14. The Garth
  15. Ancre Hill Cottages
  16. Rifle Range, Monmouth
  17. Coach House Restaurant, Monmouth
  18. Borough Pharmacy, Monmouth
  19. Old Inn Cottage, Monmouth
  20. Ruby Tuesday, Monmouth
  21. Jewell Balti, Monmouth
  22. Former Market Tavern,Monmouth
  23. Bessie Cope
  24. Temco parachute factory, Monmouth
  25. Charles Cope M.C

Articles I Intend to Improve - When I get a minute[edit]

  1. Monmouth Rowing Club
  2. Cope Bros & Co
  3. Thomas Cope
  4. George Cope (Tobacco manufacturer)

Best Monmouth Book[edit]

Keith Kissack, Victorian Monmouth, The Monmouth Historical and Educational trust, ISBN 0-9503386-2-1

Something completely different[edit]

Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
Congratulations on your prize in the Charles Rolls Awards. I have seen the amazing webcast! Martinevans123 (talk) 13:01, 21 April 2012 (UTC)

Charles-Rolls.jpg Charles Rolls Challenge, Gold Contributor
For your efforts in contributing articles to the MonmouthpediA project, you were one of the top 5 contributors in the Charles Rolls Challenge, Thank you!

We're pretty sure Monmouth is the best documented town in Wales, in many languages probably the best in the world.
We've started a new competition, The Geoffrey of Monmouth Challenge, please tell people about it and feel free to enter yourself :)
Mrjohncummings (talk) 16:35, 3 May 2012 (UTC)

Monmouthpedia barnstar.jpg MonmouthpediA Barnstar
Thank you for the almost superhuman effort you have put into Monmouth related articles, hopefully we can go for a quiz in one of the pubs you've written about :) Mrjohncummings (talk) 16:37, 11 June 2012 (UTC)
Вортигерн (Гуртеирн, Гуортигерн).jpg Geoffrey of Monmouth Challenge, Silver Contributor
For your efforts in contributing articles to the MonmouthpediA project, you were one of the top 15 contributors in the Geoffrey of Monmouth Challenge, Thank you! We've started a project, GibraltarpediA, please have a look. Mrjohncummings (talk) 22:00, 18 July 2012 (UTC)