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Hi, I'm Antarctic-adventurer (username). I'm an Astrophysicist currently living in Japan, although from the UK originally.

I'm a native English speaker, but I'm also proficient in Japanese, and am attempting to learn French.

Most of my main contributions have been creating new pages for species that have yet to be added to Wikipedia. I also like to contribute to articles on the US and Royal Navies, science in general and work towards improving overall quality of all Wikipedia articles. Compared to some I am still a relative beginner here, although I aim to increase the number of articles that I work on significantly in the future.

Why am I a Wikipedian? Over the years I have checked Wikipedia literally thousands of times for information and decided it was time to give something back. The democratisation of knowledge is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to the human race. Wikipedia is the ultimate Library of Alexandria. The current number of articles in the English language Wikipedia is 5,517,627.

I started contributing...[edit]

on July 24, 2007. My first edit was to the discussion page on the Sun. For a long time I just corrected minor factual and spelling errors on pages that I happened to read, or contributed to talk pages. I then began editing pages to improve style and content and then finally began creating my own pages in 2009. Wikipedia is such a great project that I plan to get more and more involved, time permitting. My main interests are in physics, biology and the US and Royal Navies. As of 2017 I now have a family and heavy job commitments that seriously limit my ability to edit regularly, but will do so from time to time. Wikipedia is as important as ever.

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