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Antenna House
Industry Software development
Founded 1984 (1984), Tokyo, Japan
Number of locations
Japan, United States, China
Products XML to PDF Layout Engine & Regression Testing

Antenna House, Inc. is a commercial software development company that provides standards-based software products. Antenna House develops products focusing on XML& PDF document formatting, rendering, creation and conversion.


Antenna House, Inc. was founded in August of 1984 in Tokyo, Japan, as a software company, focused on data usability.



Antenna House's Formatter is a XSL-FO & CSS formatting engine, which converts XML documents to printable form (PDF or PostScript).

Formatter conforms to Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), a W3C recommendation. It also supports over 60 languages, Mathematical Markup Language (MathML), and several Image file formats.

Regression Testing System[edit]

Antenna House Regression Testing System (AHRTS) is an automated PDF to PDF comparison tool. It was developed to overcome the labor intensive task of visually comparing PDF documents created from PDF producing systems.

Contributions to XSL-FO Community[edit]

Several sample style sheets are available from Antenna House for document type conversion including; XHTML to XSL-FO, DITA to XSL-FO & XBRL to XSL-FO. Antenna House has also contributed with several tutorials covering topics related to XML and CSS. Antenna House is a member of the World Wide Consortium.

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