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Qui que tu sois , qui es tu ? Yves

I am a french m:wikiwoman of 37. I live in a small village, Malintrat, near a medium size french city called Clermont-Ferrand, with my husband and my three kids (two boys and a girl, between 2 months and 9 years old).

I worked until recently in a small firm whose activity was related with decision tools, in finances, insurance, agriculture and agri-business. My part was in the agri-business. Unfortunately, my firm had to stop activity at the end of 2005 and I was subsequently fired, along with all employees. I now enjoy being at home, with my new baby (the two older kids keep me busy as well), my computer (or rather my husband laptop) and my garden.

I have been an editor since february 2002. I first started editing only the english wikipedia anonymously, then under the pseudonym Anthere, then joined the french wikipedia when it had possibly 200 stubs. In english, I mostly focused in editing, while in the french wikipedia, I also took a lot of time building the project and the community. At that time, all international wikipedias were very small and not even on the same software than the english one. Most of my edits were in the following areas : agriculture, environment, ecology... I also enjoyed writing on more "touchy" issues, such as the Iraq war, the veil in France or commercial war over GMOs...

In summer 2002, I decided that this project HAD TO BE multilingual... or not to be... and I joined the mailing list and started editing a no man's land called meta meta in order to help this to happen. Since then, I have not quit trying to take care of all projects and all languages.

I am a hopeless Wikipediholic. I do not dare test myself anymore, last time (about 3 years ago), it was over 100 and it is worse now.

You may find some explanations about my pseudonyme there.

In 2004, I joined the founding mediation commitee on the english wikipedia and wrote quite a lot of things about mediation and conflict resolution, one of those being Wikipedia:civility.

While a sysop on meta, en:wikipedia, fr:wikipedia and commons, I have been a meta:steward for more than two years now.

I am not editing articles much now as I do not have much time to go on doing it.

My main contribution on the project for now a year has been as a board member and vice-chair of Wikimedia Foundation Inc. In itself, it is using a lot of my time, more than I ever gave in the more than 3 years I have been here. A lot of it is invisible, though some may be seen through Wikimedia Quarto, the letter of Wikimedia Foundation (deprecated). In october 2004, I also became a member of the french association board (Wikimedia France).

What I love to do best ? Talk to people (sometimes quite hotly I confess), meet new people, act like a bridge between languages and projects and organise things.

Please rather talk to me gently, I take things personally.

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Summary (should it mean anything...)[edit]

Editor on the french-speaking mostly and the english-speaking wikipedia; I am also very fond of meta.

Sysop on fr: since summer 2002, meta: since winter 2003, en: since june 2003, commons february 2005.

In january 2004, I became part of the Mediation Committee on the english wikipedia.

Member of Wikipedia:Association of Members' Advocates since spring 2004. Unfortunately no time to be active. But from what I heard, I have a certain ability for argumentation.

m:Steward since april 2004. From now on, potentially sysop on all projects. For a reasonable price, I can unsysop any of your worse ennemies.

Vice-chair of Wikimedia Foundation Inc m:Board of Trustees on the 13th of june 2004. Reelected on the Wikimedia Foundation board in july 2005 for two additional years.

Member of Wikimedia France board since october 2004. Renewed in april 2005. Renewed in April 2006.

I was also for a while the moderator of the french-speaking mailing list for most of its first year of existence. Dropped the job to someone else :-).

Some pictures of me and my family[edit]

Where may I be found ?[edit]


...else than on wikipedia proper...

What others think of me[edit]

Starry eyes

She's a star
Eh ! I did not said that :-)
Don't mean it ain't true :) Martin 00:25, 2 Oct 2003 (UTC)

Anthere is delicious

This adorable flattery is from MyRedDice :-) I wonder what came to his mind to write such a thing

Rinaldum : tu est une contributrice/admin précieuse a, et assez pdvn (sauf 1 sujet) ! .... w:fr:Utilisateur:Rinaldum

note, the one topic is feminism. Actually, I know of another :-)

Fuzheado: but Anthere, you should know you are indeed an unusual wikipedian, because you will bend over backwards to see the good side of people, which is why you are so valued a member of the community (seriously!) IRC 22/02/2004

Il ne faut pas trop s'investir émotionnellemnt ;D -Alvaro- 4 nov 2003 à 18:58 (CET)

on irc...
Anthère chérie et adorée,
Pourfendeuse du chaos,
Grande prêtresse de tous les wiki présent et à venir,
et tout le tsouin-tsouin :-)
j'ai qqch à te demander:

Comment pourrais-je décemment ne pas répondre ?

Collection of quotes[edit]

For the bad days

  • Tes revenuuuuuueeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuhhhh !!! :o)) Oliezekat
  • Tu vois, Ant, la différence entre Papotages et toi, c'est qu'on se marre alors qu'on n'est pas du tout d'accord. w:fr:Utilisateur:Ellisllk 19 jul 2003 à 20:41 (CEST)
  • Tu rates pô une occazion de raler !!! :o))) un kat qui aime entendre Ant raler ! ;op
  • Anthere--Please don't leave the English Wikipedia. You're the best. We need you. (Pardon my terrible French: Je supplique que vous reveniez.) --Nohat
  • jai l'impression ktu travailles bcp de nuit sur ce site non?) w:fr:Utilisateur:Guillaume Bokiau
  • Come back Ant ! I miss you, et à mon, avis, je ne suis pas le seul ici !!... :o( --Pontauxchats 3 nov 2003 à 09:54 (CET)
  • Mais avec qui je vais m'engueuler si tu n'es plus là, Anthère ? Que s'est-il passé ? Traroth
  • oulala, ant, c'est la grippe qui t'a fait bosser aussi tard sur rael and co ? ou la foi ? bon, je le relirai. me semble que tu as fait une démo de npov, de mon point de vue. bien sur, comme je n'ai aucune sympathie pour ces... euh... enfin, bref... je pense que tu es trop complaisante avec ces ... euh.... mais si j'essaie de faire abstraction de mon aversion (teintée très fortement d'indifférence, d'autant que j'ai pas la télé!) pour ces.... euh.... me semble neutre, ce point de vue. bravo et merci. mais t'es vachement trop sympa avec eux ;D fallait vraiment que tu soies motivée pour passer 2 heures là-dessus. -Alvaro- 4 nov 2003 à 02:25 (CET)
  • ant at home : certainty wonderful. anthere on fr.wikipédia... wonderful. 62.39
  • Ben, Ant, t'as du boulot ! ni dieu ni maître. perso, je ne me soumettrais pas inconditionnellement a l'avis d'une seule personne. si pp a besoin de se refugier dans les jupes d'une femme (toi) c'est son probleme. -Alvaro- 4 nov 2003 à 16:10 (CET)
  • comment fais-tu pour ne pas être découragée?... Hémant 4 nov 2003 à 15:37 (CET)
  • Je pense que Anthere s'amuse a faire des experiences sur nous :oD Remarque, vu son boulot c'est pas impossible. Aoineko
  • Nominating ant for coord, for her bounteous energy and ease of reaching out to people. | I'd like to see the AMA develop into a 'conflict patrol' like the RC patrol, to keep an eye on conflicts and reach out to people to defuse situations before they are forced into formal conflict channels -- rather than waiting for people to come here and ask for they know not what help. +sj+ 20:53, 2004 Mar 20 (UTC)
  • I fart in your general direction. User:Cimon Avaro on a pogostick
  • I think when people don't reply, the usual reason is that they don't have any answers....Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I value working with you, especially with all the thought you put in to how this is going to work. Best wishes -- sannse (talk) 11:27, 4 Mar 2004 (UTC)
  • Ironically, only Anthere has actually responded to the points in my letter to this list. And she has replied in a modest and impartial way which gives me much hope. She focused on the content and on the issues I raised, a lesson for all of us.User:RK 15 juin 2004.
  • Comme dirait Anthere (private joke) : considère que c'est la dernière fois que je te parle. Point, signature, retrait, tranquillité, Wikipédia intelligent me voilà !. Meanos + 20 mar 2005 à 13:36 (CET)

For the good days

  • Salut Ant, Je crois que tu t'enerves trop sur la modif de Karukera. Tu insistais récemment et avec raison pour que les nouveaux soit acceuillis en douceur. Je peux me planter, mais je crois que là, c'est juste une petite boulette de sa part w:fr:Utilisateur:Didup 30 aoû 2003 à 17:22 (CEST)
  • Si tu fonces tête baissée dans une mêlée, ne t'étonnes pas de recevoir des coups. w:fr:Utilisateur:Aoineko 8 déc 2003 à 03:37 (CET)
  • Je trouve ton attitude aussi inacceptable qu'efficace.
  • I think that you have a strong sense of don't care about rules per se, but you care when you feel that rules are applied unfairly or violated or when people are treated badly... Eloquence.
  • Je t'ai déjà dit que tu était un peu casse-burnes ou pas encore ? Bon sang de d'zeus, faut faire gaffe ! PS : au cas où ça ne se verrait pas, mon ton est ici amical, gentil, patte de velours et même ému [(tu es qd même super susceptible non ?, moi aussi je fais gaffe tu vois :-)] Aurevilly 23:19, 27 Apr 2004 (UTC)


  • I can't say I'm overjoyed with some of the things you have done, but I have noticed that you go very far in being polite, something I try to do, but which I could at times stand to learn from you in. Thank you for that, Sam Spade 21:08, 20 Mar 2004 (UTC)
  • You are a liar and a phony. Lirath Q. Pynnor
  • I'm just too pissed off about Angela and Anthere's callous attitude towards human life here to even be able to discuss it rationally. I'm blocking myself a week, for starters. -- Seth Ilys 18:11, 6 September 2005 (UTC)

Other comments and quotes[edit]

Comments on my pictures[edit]

That picture of the grasshopper on your front page disturbs me :-). Why can't you use a ferret or something cute like that? :) ugen64 20:29, Apr 20, 2004 (UTC)

Congratulations on getting your logo in the top 10. Sorry I didn't vote for it but ants scare me. :) User:Angela

Quel est le nom de cette belle fleur bleue (didup ?) elle est vraiment magnifiiiiiiique ! Papotine 26 oct 2003 à 18:09 (CET)

A wikilove flower for me[edit]

I've uploaded a flower for you at media:Lavender.jpg. Enjoy :). WikiLove, MB 14:51 3 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Lavender small.jpg

Not a photograph...[edit]

Just thought I would say hello: I started writing an essay about civility and dispute handling for my userspace, and then I went to reread Wikipedia:Civility and see you have already said most of what I wanted to say and better. So a smile and a wikithanks to you; unfortunately I'm no photographer to leave you lovely pictures on your userpage, so words will have to do. Mindspillage. 19/06/2005


Merci beaucoup
 For all you do
Je vous remercie
 For all we see
Tu est une belle
Whose piercing eyes
 Are noble and wise

--Edmond Le Pauvre

A love letter[edit]

Mark_Ryan: awwww i'll send ya a love letter if you want
Anthere0: yes, please :-)
Mark_Ryan: To my sweet, dear Anthere... you make me happy when you enter the channel. Some sanity in a field of extraordinary insanity. A bluebell in a paddock of thickets...
Anthere0: A bluebell in a paddock of thickets ?
Anthere0: what is thickets ?
Mark_Ryan: Anthere0: thorny horrible stuff
Mark_Ryan: like roses but without the nice flowers :)
Anthere0: please go on to raise my spirit
Mark_Ryan: you have the spirit of a glistening silver brumby (horse), graceful, wild and carefree
Anthere0: I keep my personal love letter for bad times

Et l'harmonie dans tout ça ?[edit]

y a un moment où ça me gonfle d'entendre parler de communauté libre et consensuelle pour écarter toute idée de règle. Alors qu'à la base une règle c'est fait pour l'harmonie, pas pour emmerder le monde ... w:fr:Utilisateur:Aurevilly.

If you are mad after/for/at me[edit]

Read this if for some reasons, you are mad after me :-)

You're mad, you, aren't you :-) (very pleasant but reasonably undeniably mad) --Phil | Talk 07:14, Jul 14, 2004 (UTC)
Undeniably...Well... Okay, here is for you Phil : for Phil
As usual I prefer to avoid commenting on your generally excellent English usage unless something about it makes me laugh. A person who is mad at you is angry with you; a person who is mad after you may have a sexual obsession. Eclecticology 18:50, 25 Jul 2004 (UTC) :-)
Or, they could be mad for you, which could be sort of both :-) It's the eyes ... they follow you around the screen --Phil | Talk 10:55, Jul 26, 2004 (UTC)
Oh, mannnnnn, what a "slip" ! I am red from embarassement :-( RedFluffy


« ... une silhouette de l'Afrique sur le globe, et peut être une petite tache colorée pour la faire ressortir ? Anthere »


Note à l'amicale de Jean-Pierre Petit[edit]

Cette page est une page PERSONNEL. Ce serait un faux pas que d'y laisser des commentaires. Par ailleurs, je ne visite pas habituellement cette page, et je ne serais pas informée d'un message qui y serait déposé. En conséquence de quoi, si vous souhaitez me laisser un message, merci de le faire dans la page de discussion associée à mon nom d'utilisateur. Merci. Anthere (talk) 21:16, 15 June 2008 (UTC).

Par ailleurs, je tiens à préciser que M. Petit est dans l'erreur en affirmant que le message qu'il m'a laissé a été supprimé. Ce message est visible ici, et l'historique de la page montre que clairement qu'aucun message n'a été supprimé et que contrairement à ce qu'affirme M Petit, il n'a pas été ajouté juste après son coup de téléphone.

Ce genre de confusion se rencontre couramment chez les personnes ne comprenant pas le fonctionnement du projet.

Anthere (talk) 21:27, 15 June 2008 (UTC)

Victime d'un pouvoir féodal[edit]

Template:Déblocage Chére madame je me résous à demander l'aide d'un stewar de Wikipédia car je suis victime d'une personne qui considère mais apports sur la page "ile de Gorée" comme une atteinte à sa propriété personnelle. Il me semblait que sur WIKIPEDIA les oppositions devait s'appuyer sur des bases rationnelles et non affectifs aussi je vous demande avec respect de bien vouloir jetter un oeil sur le comportement pour le moins étonnant de l'administrateur POPO le chien alias Madame Sankale si je ne m'abuse qui vandalise mes contributions et m'inflige des blocages de toutes sortes.

Merci d'avance pour vôtre avis "neutre" et éclairé. HERACLITOCRATE en France javascript:insertTags('HERACLITOCRATE (talk) 12:51, 9 February 2010 (UTC)',,)