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I'd like Wikipedia to offer the reader free, ready, easily understood, reliable information on everything.


After a year or so of working on Nupedia, Larry had the idea to use Wiki software for a separate project specifically for people like you (and me!) who are intimidated and bored (sorry, Nupedia!) with the tedium of the process.

... I am paid to organize Wikipedia, and I founded the project. So I hereby declare that I am dictator for life, until Jimbo fires me.  :-)

— L Sanger November 2001 (Bold not in original.)

Three months later, Larry was out of a job.

[Jimbo] was the "good cop," and I was the "bad cop": that, in fact, is precisely how he (privately) described our relationship. Eventually, I became sick of this arrangement. Because Jimmy had remained relatively toward the background in the early days of the project, and showed that he was willing to exercise enforcement authority upon occasion, he was never so ripe for attack as I was.