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Hello there everybody. This will be my own Wikipedia page, dedicated to my Final Fantasy XI charcters Anth and Eleena on the Valefor Server. I've currently been playing since early Febuary this year, and am immensily enjoying the game and the people i've come to meet from all over the globe.

Firstly, I'll start with my main, Anth the Tarutaru. The following will be information on his Rank, Levels, Jobs, Fame and anything else I can muster:

Anth's main job at current is Dark Knight at level 44. Now, a list of his jobs and current level. Black Mage - 32. Red Mage - 28. White Mage - 25. Thief - 22. Blue Mage - 20. Summoner and Samurai are both 14. Dragoon - 13. Ninja - 11. Warrior And Monk are both 7, aswell as Paladin. Beastmaster is currently on level 5. I'm still on the verge of unlocking Corsair and Puppetmaster.

His rank is currently 5, with Windurst. Fame wise, I'm not too clear on, as I'm working on all fame levels for various items and quests.