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Flag of Singapore.svgThis user is from Singapore.
This user is of Chinese ethnicity.
Male.svgThis user is a male.
teenThis user is a teenager, not a stereotype.
This user is a Christian.
LeoThis user is a Leo.
NonFreeImageRemoved.svg This user is a City Harvester.
?met?This user prefers metric units and cannot figure out why Americans and Brits have such a hard time with them.
UKThis user uses British English.
This user has a native-like understanding of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
IntS !
This user understands leet, IM & texting slang, but won't use it. "411 ur LOL pwn ROFLMAO OMG b310ng 2" you, thanks.
C-1This user is a beginning C programmer.
Java-2This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
HTML-3This user is an advanced HTML user.
js-2This user is an intermediate JavaScript programmer.
Crystal 128 kuser.pngThis user uses MSN Messenger as
KopeteThis user uses Kopete to chat on IRC and other networks.
Exquisite-gmail blue.png
This user uses Gmail as a primary email service.
Mozilla Firefox logo 2013.svgThis user thinks an explorer can't be better than a fox!IE7Globe.png
Ubuntu logo.This user contributes using Ubuntu.
w/lThis user has a dual boot configuration.
Noia 64 apps xmms.pngThis user contributes while using XMMS.
Uncyclopedia logo notext.svgThis user is a proud contributor to Uncyclopedia.
F icon reversed.svg
Regarding gender, this user will use the vernacular, not what is politically correct.
’sThis user realises that plural nouns should not have an apostrophe while possessive words should!
“…”This user favors curly quotation marks over straight style.
;This user is addicted to semicolons; they use them frequently.
if & whetherThis user knows how to use "if" and "whether" correctly.
It’s really not that hard to use each word in its proper manner.
Latin Plurals: "Data is are..." This user uses "data", "media", "memoranda", "criteria", and "agenda" as the plurals of "datum", "medium", "memorandum", "criterion", and "agendum".
BGThis user is a Bene Gesserit.
MentatThis user is a Mentat.
AtrThis user serves House Atreides.
Melange This user believes that the spice must flow.
死神This user is a Soul Reaper.
This user has a Death Note and writes in it constantly.
This user has been spirited away.
Sample conworld.jpg This user enjoys geofiction.
TKAMThis user knows it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.
Narnia This user loves The Chronicles of Narnia.
Pyrkon 2013 Niewidoczny Uniwersytet.jpgThis user enjoys the dinners at Unseen University
RThis user is a cross between a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin, so watch out, punkS
Exquisite-thunderbird2-Negative.png This user's Patronus is a puma.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThis user's homeworld likes to think that it is mostly harmless, but it is, in practice, devastatingly dangerous.
Arda.Tengwar.svgThis user is a fan of
The Lord of the Rings.
Stargate SG·1 symbol 01.svgThis user is from the planet Earth.Rotating earth (large).gif
South park sign.svgThis user watches South Park.
This user is a heroic Autobot.
This user secretly wants to be the White Power Ranger
BartThis user wants you to "Eat my shorts!"
LOSTThey are looking for this user in the wrong place...
Liberty Bell.jpgThis user is an independent voter who doesn't like partisan politics.
- Flower 02 -.jpgThis user is a social democrat.
Vote 12345.jpgThis user supports the policies and views of PAP.

Demarchy.pngThis user opposes the policies and views of PAP.

FireV2.pngThis user knows global warming is a reality we are facing.
This user believes that life begins at conception
Quenya Example.svgThis user is interested in conworlding/conlanging.Sample conworld.jpg
ChessSet.jpgThis user enjoys chess.
Nuvola apps ksysv.png
This user passed GO!
(…so where is my $200?)
Nuvola apps kmahjong.pngThis user plays mahjong.
Riskgame2.pngThis user plays Risk.
S1This user is a Scrabble player.
Xiangqi General.pngThis user is a xiangqi player.
Applications-games.svgThis user enjoys playing blackjack.
Crystal Clear app Cardgame-3.svgThis user enjoys playing poker.
Applications-games.svg This user enjoys playing Big 2.
Anglo-American card suits.pngThis user enjoys playing card games.
Anglo-American card suits.pngThis user enjoys playing card games.
Ankh.pngThis user is interested in
ancient civilizations.