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The 83 Delegates (also called Founding fathers (Albanian: Baballaret e kombit) of the Albanian modern state included the following:

Kosovo Vilayet - 11[edit]

Monastir Vilayet - 9[edit]

Shkoder Vilayet - 28[edit]

Ioannina Vilayet - 25[edit]

Albanian colony of Bucharest - 4[edit]


Kristo Meksi[edit]

On 27 October 1912, along with Luigj Gurakuqi and other 25 Albanians, Kristo Meksi received in Bucharest Ismail Qemali, who was coming from Trieste to organize the Albanian community of Bucharest for the proclamation of the Albanian Declaration of Independence. Afterwards, Kristo Meksi travelled to Albania to participate in the Declaration and become one of its signatories, as the representative of the region Chameria in Ioannina Vilayet, although he was born in Labovë in Gjirokastër and lived in Bucharest.<ref name="Meksi">{{cite book|last=Meksi |first=Fedhon |year=2010|title=Labova e Madhe dhe Labovitët|pp=152-156|isbn=9789995671891}}</ref>