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Frëë, Büẗ Nöẗ Ëncÿclöpëdḯc
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When I die, I want a disease named after me, with symptoms that include "being fucking awesome at everything."

Chicago is the Miami of Canada.

Link to my Wikimedia Commons page.

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Here are a few of my favorite userboxes. Some were created early in 2010 when I was recovering from an injury.
I don't have nearly as much time on my hands now as I did then but I still enjoy reading and editing Wikipedia. More to come!!!

Created by Me
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WikiProject Userboxes
WikiProject icon User:Antigrandiose is part of WikiProject Userboxes. This means that the WikiProject has identified it as part of the userboxes system. WikiProject Userboxes itself is an attempt to improve, grow and standardize Wikipedia's articles and templates related to the userbox system, used on many users' pages. We need all your help, so join in today!
Che por Jim Fitzpatrick.svg Communism killed 100,000,000 people and all I got was this lousy user box.
AngusYoung.JPG This user believes that in the spirit of diversity and inclusion, Wikipedians should start referring to everyone's favorite Australian band as CA/DCE.


What are the true vocabulary differences between the Old and New Testament?

How big are the University of Toronto Libraries and what is being measured?

Is Montreal's Gay Village a true gayborhood or is it just a neighborhood called "Gay Village?"

Did no one look into the sky prior to 3600 years ago?

Should McGill University get exclusive credit for inventing American football, or should the University of Toronto share the credit?

Scott Gustafson
Marengo Community High School

Lurie Children's Hospital


Merge the following articles into a yet to be determined super category, possibly Wardrobe malfunction:
Moose knuckle
Whale tail

Muffin top



Umlauts in English: From Mötley Crüe to Coördinate, and Why They Mattër

Friends: How to Make Them on Wikipedia

Toron̈to: As Nice as the People Who Live There Think it Is. Reallÿ

Fake Links: How to Make People Click for Naught

Userboxes: Staying Within the Limits of Good Taste

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