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AntiSfo antisfo is a group of online member who had join together to discuss the true behide "streetfighteronline." The game was published in august in 2001. Since the game had been created it had been sued by marvel due to the copyright of the name xmenvssf. How ever the creator change it name to, the game had a pretty much good start. But as time when by streetfighteronline had become corrupted, the creator "tmyapp" decided to keep thing hidden from the player. He created a anticheat software which is called "gamevindicator." Which he claimed! protect anyone who use it is 100% safe from hacker. Now we all aware that nothing on the internet is 100% safe. How ever when using gamevindicator it prevent you from hacking or trying to increase your gameplay. Anyone can you gamevindicator and still get hacked on. As time when by sfo got worse the creator selected a special kind of mod to protect his game and the forum which was created by his friend leftyfb who is a Linux lover. How ever, those mod decided to bannd who ever try to speak the mind about how the game run. The mod act like everything on sfo run smoothly but really it dont. Luckly the was those who was smarter enough to see that sfo was lieing and cheating them, and they was kicked or lock out from preventing the truth to be lead out. Those member decided to go against sfo doing everything in the will to stop sfo from doing this to it player, such as hacking,spamming, and creating anti site toward sfo. The has been over 230 antisfo account bannd. Some decided to gave up and play under a different account and some decided to stay the same.


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