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NWA Hawaii[edit]

There does not yet seem to be consensus for me to unprotect it; Guy and I often differ on these things and it would not be appropriate to override him in the middle of the discussion. I suggest that you try to create a somewhat stronger stub, with at least two actual sources that refer to the Association by name --[1] strangely does not seem to use the name, and then ask on the page whether Guy still objects to the re-creation. Though I suggested AfD as I usually do, I am not in the least sure that the article will be kept there, since in general individual state branches of anything are not. I don't know wrestling, but perhaps it can be written to emphasize that it's a separate title not a branch. Looking at the history of the article, & what was said previously, there would seem little point trying it again unless it is extremely solid.

the only thing I do know about wrestling, oddly, is in fact about Hawaiians and sumo, and you might also try that approach--there does not seem to be a WP article, and I think there have been sources, for I must have read about it somewhere. DGG 21:05, 12 June 2007 (UTC)