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I'm a chemist with a research interest in nanotechnology. I've been editing Wikipedia since Fall 2006, and was reading it for about two years before that. I am also a Campus Ambassador for the United States Education Program (formerly the Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative), starting in the Spring 2011 semester. Most of my work is related to articles on nanotechnology, biomolecular structure, and related science topics, as well as science policy and budgetary policy, and additionally a handful of topics of local interest.

My time is split between creating and expanding new articles, copyediting exisiting articles for flow and clarity of organization, and performing splits of long articles and merges of articles that have overlapping subject matter. I'm a big fan of navboxes as a tool to improve readers' understanding of how articles relate to each other within a broader context.


Main articles: /Accomplishments, /Gallery and /Navboxes

I have created or overhauled a good number of articles; the above links contain a list of the articles I have worked extensively on, as well as a gallery of the images I have uploaded. I have also made a number of navboxes, mainly for the various subfields of nanotechnology, to improve article flow and attract more edits to these articles. Complete listings can be found at the links above.

My projects[edit]

My edits have mostly fallen into one of a few categories:

  • Science, mainly on the topics of nanotechnology and biomolecular structure. This includes an overhaul of the main nanotechnology article, improving article flow between other articles using wikilinks and navboxes, and adding or expanding a few articles. My main original contributions in this field have been my articles on DNA nanotechnology and Nucleic acid design. My involvement in biomolecular structure was originally a huge reorganization of these articles, in which 15 articles were moved, split, or merged, and 2 new articles and a navbox were created.
  • Public policy, mainly science policy and United States federal budget articles. This also began with a reorganization of the science policy family articles, and now I am working on expanding them to more completely cover their topics. I also routinely update articles on current federal budgets (those for 2012 and 2013) to reflect new developments.
  • Local interest topics. I reorganized the main House System at Caltech article after it was created through the merge of several House-specific articles, and uploaded some pictures. Also, since the main Long Island article was too long (ha!), I split it into subarticles and created a navbox to link them together. Additionally, I have taken photographs of a number of bridges along the Charles River in Massachusetts, and created stub articles about them.

What I'm doing now[edit]

I recently got Drexler–Smalley debate on molecular nanotechnology, John Marburger, and Caltech–MIT rivalry promoted to good article status. My next targets for GAN are Nucleic acid design and Non-helical models of DNA structure.

To do:

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