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I'm a chemist with a research interest in nanotechnology. I've been editing Wikipedia since Fall 2006, and was reading it for about two years before that. Most of my work is related to articles on nanotechnology, biomolecular structure, and related science topics, as well as science policy and budgetary policy, and local landmarks, especially bridges.

My time is split between creating and expanding new articles, copyediting existing articles for flow and clarity of organization, and performing splits of long articles and merges of articles that have overlapping subject matter. I'm a big fan of navboxes as a tool to improve readers' understanding of how articles relate to each other within a broader context.


I have created or overhauled a good number of articles; the above links contain a list of the articles I have worked extensively on, as well as a gallery of the images I have uploaded. I have also made a number of navboxes, mainly for the various subfields of nanotechnology, to improve article flow and attract more edits to these articles.

The boxes below feature changing samples from my FA, GA, and DYK credits.

Selected quality article

Fleming Cannon in June 2007, after having been returned to Caltech
Symbol support vote.svg

The Caltech–MIT rivalry is a college rivalry between the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), stemming from the colleges' reputations as top science and engineering schools in the United States. The rivalry is unusual given the geographic distance between the schools (their campuses are separated by about 3000 miles and are on opposite coasts of the United States), as well as its focus on elaborate pranks rather than sporting events. The most recent pranking war was instigated in April 2005, when Caltech students pulled multiple pranks during MIT's Campus Preview Weekend for prospective freshmen. MIT students responded a year later by stealing Caltech's antique Fleming Cannon and transporting it across the country to MIT's campus. Subsequent pranks have included fake satirical school newspapers distributed by Caltech students at MIT, and the appearance of a TARDIS device on top of Caltech's Baxter Hall. (more...)

Selection from my FA and GA credits. Refresh.

Did you know...

Caltech's Fleming Cannon after having been returned to the Caltech campus
Selections from my DYK credits. Refresh.

What I'm doing now[edit]

I just received my 50th DYK creation/expansion credit for Kings–Tulare Regional Station!

To do:

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