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A picture of the character Antoshi. He is 5'2'' with blonde hair that goes around his head, similar to bangs, with brown eyes.

Antoshi is the main alias for a user whose real name is known simply as "Anthony." Antoshi is also a fictional character that resides in the world of Pokémon with his friends and family. The idea of having a character with the same name as the person's username is usually confusing, however the creator acknowledges this but stands by his decision.

Antoshi, the username[edit]

As a user, Antoshi has been involved in many different groups, such as Forums, Guilds, Clans, social groups, as well as private ones. The beginning of Antoshi as a user began February 20, 2002. The name 'Antoshi' has been an enigma to many users, wondering how the name was created (some making jokes about it). The name 'Antoshi' was bestowed upon him by a friend who was making a small social group, blending the beginning of real person's first names with the end of (Japanese) Pokémon character's first names. In this instance, the name "Anthony", was taken as "Ant", and the character "Satoshi", was taken as "oshi", therby making "Antoshi."

For a very long while, the name was not used as a main nickname, just a simple aside, and rarely ever used. At the time, the creator was Role-playing on AOL chatrooms as the character Satoshi (which was why Satoshi was also taken as the name mix). However, it wasn't until the creator joined a Pokémon Guild known as NPC that Antoshi became an actual character. NPC, or Nonpariel Pokémon Confederation was the longest-standing and most well-known Pokémon Guild on AOL. Until its demise on September 12, 2004 he was a recurring member (although kicked out once between for disorderly behavior).

After which time, the creator stayed on AOL before focusing his attention to IRC, to chat with friends and create scripts in his spare time. He also occasionally writes Fanfiction (mainly about character Antoshi), and plays the online game Team Fortress 2.

Antoshi, the character[edit]

At the very early beginning, Antoshi was the embodiment of the character owner's persona at the time. A rather hormone-driven fifteen year-old, a wannabe player, and womanizer. After only one Role-Playing session of the character in this form, it was quickly dropped for being distasteful, and the character was re-created upon entering NPC on August 25, 2003.

In-between those two points, however, Antoshi was portrayed as a young, carefree trainer whose main interest was catching Pokémon. His original team consisted of Pokémon caught in the creator's actual Pokémon game. Later, he would catch an Umbreon (role-played by another person). His trademark look, aside from his clothes, were constantly having a backpack (similar to Ash) and listening to a CD player. The idea was spurred after the owner had a mixed CD and would listen to it often. Antoshi's music was supposedly identical to that on the CD.

At the beginning of his run in NPC, Antoshi would take the form of its present-day personality, to an extent. A happy-go-lucky, charming, and in some ways dopey, young thirteen year-old boy with reckless disregard for his own safety, and merely trying to find as many ways as possible to have fun and enjoy life. The NPC battles, which were dice-oriented, showed off Antoshi as a brave young man who went to all ends to perform tricky, acrobatic feats in his attacks, such as climbing to the top of a tall tree, and jumping down onto a enemy's head.

He also had an array of weapons that would change when the number of dice rolled for a single attack was upgraded, starting from two, then three, then four. The original weapon at two dice was called the "Spork of Doom!!" (double-exclamation points included). It was his favorite, and decided to use it as a recurring weapon on the battlefield. When the dice were eventually raised to three via leveling-up, the spork "broke", leaving Antoshi to find a new weapon. He obtained a frying pan, which he named the "Frying Pan of Doom!!". Once the dice were raised for the last time, the pan "rusted", however Antoshi never got around to using his final weapon, which was planned to be the "Mallet of Doom!!", since he obtained another item called the "Shard Lance" from the Guild's "shop.". The lance was an Ice-grade weapon, that was "6'4'' from the butt of the shaft to the tip off the blade." It also "cause[d] the victim an internal icy chill upon striking." This weapon would be a semi-recurring item in later storylines (see below) before its own destruction.

In-between getting kicked out of NPC for unacceptable behavior and re-entering it, Antoshi was placed in a new Guild created by the creator's friend. PFW, or Pokémon Faith Within, was a small group of dedicated Role-Players, but their numbers were a far-cry from NPC's member count. Here, Antoshi held several jobs. Mass-Spar Log Grader, Newsletter Publisher, Website Owner, and Second-in-Command, under the two co-owners (of course all of these tasks were really carried out by the owner). The members enjoyed the new Guild for a while, but its luster started to slowly fade. It eventually fell apart a few months before NPC closed its own doors. Just before that, however, Antoshi was re-accepted into NPC, staying with the Guild this time until its end.

Aside from being in Guilds, Antoshi is the star character in his own fanfictions, where he shares a small home with his two siblings. Their backgrounds slowly reveal through flashbacks and other tidbits of information that enriched their personalities and let readers understand just who Antoshi and the people and Pokémon around him were.


Beginning in mid-2006, following a revival of the "The Adventures of uh... #Council" (formerly "The Adventures of Chrono and Miss-Ecko"), Antoshi was active in the IRC channel at the time, and found himself inserted into the character list after requesting it. Antoshi (the user), showing an interest in catgirls through a couple dozen avatars on the Sleepywood Forums at the time, had his Antoshi character reincarnated as a "catboy". The introduction strip portrayed him being interested, not just in catgirls, but actual house cats.

Throughout the life of the revived comic, and long beyond its eventual demise, Antoshi the user would be referred by others who knew of the comic, and those who heard of it through word of mouth as "Cat man", "Cat boy", and "Catoshi."


Following a remark by the user Antoshi, that he was "shedding [his] cat fur", Antoshi the character yet again reincarnated as "Antoshio" in a webcomic titled "Super Antoshio Bros." [1], trading the fur, ears and tail for a plumber's outfit. His head is also shaped as it was originally designed by the user.

In the comic, Mario (played by Antoshi), Luigi (played by Pandasu), Yoshi (played by kirby54321) and "Kirby" (played by KirbyM) set off in an adventure, themed as the original Super Mario Brothers NES game. The comic is completely a parody, having little seriousness and is filled with various mishaps, usually caused by Antoshi, which annoy his comrades to no end. At the same time, Bowser (played by Michael) has kidnapped the Princess (played by Kafro), and locked "her" away in his final castle. The Princess is protrayed as brimming with sarcasm, as well as having a short temper. The Princess could possibly take Bowser out and leave, but decides to stay for the sake of the comic.

Others have expressed interest in the comic, with "minor" character spots consisting mainly of Bowser's henchmen being filled. Each character however, has its own customized look. Some examples include a Goomba with a top hat and monocle, a Spiny who is "black", and a Toad with a half-eaten shirt.

The project has been on and off, but as of October 30, 2009, twenty-nine comics have been made. Since then, the creator has posted it on several different forums and websites, where it's exposed to mixed reviews. A common complaint of negative reviewers is the drawing style. However, positive reviewers pointed out the drawing style as a strong point, leaving people split on their opinions.

Fanfiction Work[edit]

  • The Pokémon Sagas (1999; discontinued, originally supposed to be a six-part series that revolved around a Pikachu and her friends. It was also where the names "Poka" and "Chika" were born.)
  • The Ties of Friendship (MapleStory Fanfiction; 2006; Canceled)


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