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This editor is a Grognard and is entitled to display this Wikipedia Little Red Book.

The essentials: I'm 25 years old and I have a B.A. in philosophy. I am male, so if you find it necessary to refer to me in the third person, go ahead and use masculine pronouns instead of wondering for a while and then settling on some awkward construction like "he/she."

Oh, and since I'd wonder about this if I saw someone with this username: "Anturiaethwr" is Welsh (I'm fairly sure) for "Adventurer." I wound up with it when I picked a player name so I could try an online game. The game was boring, but the name sounded cool.

My research indicates that "Anturiaethwr" should be pronounced as follows:

  • Start with the A, pronounced like the "ah" sound in "father."
  • Proceed with the N and the T, in that order, which are pronounced pretty much the same as they normally would be.
  • Move on the the U, which is like the vowel in French words like "tu" and "lune." In case you don't know, that's sort of like trying to say an "oo" sound and an "ee" sound at the same time and it comes out mainly through the nose.
  • Then roll the first R, but don't go overboard with it.
  • Go on to the I, which is an "ee" sound; follow it with "ae," which is pronounced "eye" like in classical (as opposed to ecclesiastical) Latin.
  • Continue with the TH, as in "thimble." Don't get confused: Welsh has several other TH sounds (spelled LL and DD), but this isn't one of those.
  • Next, say the W. In Welsh, it's a vowel, so pronounce it "oo."
  • Finally, roll the final R. Don't overdo this one either.

Alternatively, you could refrain from pronouncing it at all. I can't imagine why you'd ever need to do so.

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