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Maybe you expected my talk page but this is a page for:
Questions I've never been asked, but feel some people might like to know however don't wanna ask for whatever reason,

1. Why do you sign Anynobody but have an actual username of Anyeverybody?
I created a super secure password about a year ago for the Anynobody account and set my browser to remember it. The browser forgot when I forgot to save the password file before moving to a new hard drive. Turns out there is/(was I haven't checked for a while) one person who handles such issues among other important things and he/she is so busy my e-mail attempts went unanswered. After waiting about a week I came up with this solution.
1. It also allows me to maintain a more consistent presence on other projects
2. Why do you quote me in italics?
In my experience folks tend to get "edgy" when I quote them like I did the word edgy. I actually don't know exactly how to describe it, what I mean by edgy, so I actually prefer putting such ideas in quotes but I don't put your comments in them because it seems like the cyber equivalent of doing the quotation mark hand gesture. Of the three, easy, formatting tools available I had to choose from bold italic or underline. I chose italic because people appear to equate shouting with bold rather than highlighting something important and needed to reserve underlining for that purpose.