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My featured picture[edit]


Regarding this edit (and a lot of related ones), I feel the urge to comment.

I am Austrian. My father grew up in Croatia. He understands Serbs perfectly well, and says that Croatian and Serbian are not much more different from each other than Austrian and German, a claim that, though I do not speak the language(s) myself, is supported by every linguistic account I know.

A great-uncle of mine was killed by the Nazis, i. e. by the Germans. Yet I have never tried to start a page Austrian grammar, nor do I understand why such a strange task should be motivated by my family history.

To do[edit]

My contributions[edit]


Affilin DYK 10 Aug 2010 • Bogdan Bogdanović • Heavy-chain antibody • Interior Schwarzschild metric • Kunitz domain DYK 11 Dec 2010 together with Boghog • Lexikon der indogermanischen Verben expanded • List of monoclonal antibodies expanded, my 10,000th edit! • Mifamurtide DYK 18 Nov 2009 • Nasal infix DYK 4 Aug 2009 • Nomenclature of monoclonal antibodies expanded to GA • Nonomino • Pflasterspektakel DYK 8 Aug 2010 • Proto-Indo-European noun together with Ivan Štambuk / numerals my 1000th edit! / particle / pronoun / root expanded to GA • Selective glucocorticoid receptor agonist GA together with Boghog • Single-domain antibody


{{Aldehyde dehydrogenases}} • {{Antineoplastic-drug-stub}} and other pharma stub templates • {{ATC code A}} etc. • {{ATC codes lead}} • {{ATC codes short}} • {{ATCvet}} • {{Carbonic anhydrases}} • {{Category TOC ATC}} • {{Digestives}} • {{EMLs}} • {{Engineered antibodies}} • {{Grammatical aspects}} • {{Grammatical moods}} • {{Grammatical tenses}} • {{M. C. Escher}} • {{NOD-like receptors}} • {{Ocular vascular disorder agents}} • {{PIE notice}} • {{Proteasome subunits}} • {{Proto-Indo-European language}} expanded • {{Radiopharmaceuticals}} expanded • {{R from ATC code}} • {{R from ATCvet code}} • {{Redirect category}} • {{Sunscreening agents}} • {{Thioesterases}}


Azorella compacta llareta plant • Chemical formulae (300+) • Dunnet Head Lighthouse • Estas Tonne 1 / 2 • Lexikon der indogermanischen Verben book cover • Piece of a lunar meteorite • Nomina im Indogermanischen Lexikon book cover • PEG 400 • PEG 4000 • Polyominoes • Rapamycin plaque on Easter Island • Annotated slice through the complete Schwarzschild solution • Streptazolin / E-Teriflunomide / Xipamide ray tracing images of the chemical structures • Terra Nivium

Other activities[edit]

  • Creating redirects from trade names to drug articles
  • Included ATCvet, 2009–16 updates of ATC and ATCvet codes
  • Checked and filled in over 1000 ATC fields in {{drugbox}}es

Awards and such[edit]

Important differences[edit]

Exclamationdiamond.svg The map is not the territory, correlation is not causation, and etymology is not meaning.


My bot[edit]


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