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I started contributing to Wikipedia starting somewhere around mid-2001. I have worked on and contributed to many articles. I occasionally do article translations for the Dutch Wikipedia.

I write mainly about topics that interest me. I live in Eindhoven, I have a Master's degree in electrical engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Over the years, I have specialized myself in software development. I like to spend my spare time dancing Lindy hop.

As an experiment, I have written a small conversion utility in Perl to convert Wikipedia articles to LaTeX. The conversion is still a bit rough around the edges. The script retrieves the articles in namespace 0 (articles only) and converts the Wiki syntax to something TeX can understand.

For those familiar with LaTeX: I have used the book documentclass on A4 paper with margins set at 1cm all around, 10pt font size, two columns, articles start new sections. Redirects are included. Pictures are not included.

I used a snapshot from around 2003-08-19.

0: 4 1: 1186 2: 197 3: 70 4: 53 5: 35 6: 43 7: 32 8: 36 9: 31
A: 4012 B: 3463 C: 4897 D: 2328 E: 2436 F: 2268 G: 2562 H: 3103 I: 1361 J: 1833
K: 1044 L: 5278 M: 4099 N: 1878 O: 1210 P: 3847 Q: 211 R: 2344 S: 5093 T: 2742
U: 1278 V: 761 W: 2304 X: 76 Y: 243 Z: 197 other: unknown

When processed like this, the English language Wikipedia counts 62555 pages. If we were to print it on paper, using as a rough measure 500 pages = 2.5 cm or approx. 1 inch, this would correspond to roughly 250 cm (about 100 inch) of shelf space.