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Anthony Dallas Paz[edit]

Anthony Dallas Paz is a young man living in the United States of America. He attends Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Anthony Dallas Paz was born on May 23, 1986 in Hayward, California. He lived here with his Mother, Father and two dogs until he was 2 years old. In early 1989, Anthony and his family followed his father's parents up to Eureka, California to open a Yogurt Shop and Deli in Old Town, Eureka. His first and only sibling, a younger borther named Joseph Humberto Paz, was born at the end of the year.

Anthony attended Little People's Corner preschool in Cutten. Here he met his first friend, Amanda Sewell, who had a brother only 52 days older than Joseph. The four of them have been friends since. Anthony began elementary school at Lincoln Elementary with Mrs. Gossard and enjoyed Kindergarten immensely. He had both first and second grade with Ms. Hull. This was not such an enjoyable time as kindergarten, and he found himself being transferred to Ms. Muno's third grade class at St. Bernard Elementary School in 1994. Here he had trouble at first making friends, as he hadn't found a need for them since preschool. However, St. Bernard's seemed to suit him well. With the guidance of the late Loralee Muno, one of his life's greatest influences, he decided to become Catholic- the religion of both sides of his family, though he had never practiced it with them before. Anthony was baptised on March 30th, 1995.

By the time fourth grade began, Anthony had made 4 excellent friends, Shane Brimble, Marc Demaster, Analisa Hubbard and Rachal White. Shane and Lisa would prove to be the ones to join him on his journey on the outskirts of the social system of St. Bernard's Catholic School. Anthony moved through elementary school more or less oblivious to his surroundings, relishing in the company of his friends and various other forms of entertainment particularly books, movies, television and the internet. In 5th grade he began a collection of Star Wars figurines which have since remained unopened. The collection holds over 300 pieces, though it has never been counted.

In 6th grade Anthony met another influence of note, his teacher Mrs. Vivian LaMont. Mrs. Lamont challenged Anthony for the first time academically and morally, calling into question for the frist time his habits of skating through classes and being a spineless yes-man. While he found her difficult and abrasive at the time, it can be certain that she forced him to rethink his principles and ehtics consciously for the first time in his life, as well as granting him a fantastic education in English grammar, basic biological science, and World Geography- most of which has been wasted through years of neglect.