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Wikipedia & me

My attraction to Wikipedia reaches almost from his birth in 2001: An Encyclopedia, free for all, with the basic premise of expanding knowledge. Slowly I began to participate. And later I started to contribute by adding reviews, correcting errors of grammar and syntax checking and Article Suspected vandalism. But not until 2007, when I finally became a more of this great herd that is Wikipedia.

My level of participation remains the same, I'm still a little in the shade

My my tasks are:

  • Spelling and grammar and spelling correction ...
  • Include references.
  • Contributions from vandalism: These are my least enjoyed moments of Wikipedia, because I feel part of this community, and vandalism breaks Wikipedia's ethics and expansion of knowledge that we all want in this hive.
  • I am a staunch enemy of Anglicisms unnecessary and incorrect spelling.
  • I am interested in the translation of the wiki pages in its English version.


Visit my main user page in the Spanish Wikipedia

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