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Many a time has occurred where a hedgehog has been mistaken for a porcupine. Sometimes the reverse occurred, but not too often.

What to Look For[edit]


Remember that porcupines are big, usually brown or black, kinda look like beavers, and have really long spikes.


A hedgehog is small, usually light brown or gray, look kinda like mice, and have short spikes, in addition to the ability to curl up into a ball. However, some hedgehogs have been known to run at the speed of sound, are blue colored, and can talk. Others are similar, but are black with red highlights, have jet shoes, and are constantly thinking about some human girl. Others sighted include green and gray varieties, the green ones having been known to star in a cartoon and the silver ones having PK abilities. But the first variety mentioned is the most common.


An armadillo has no spikes, but vary in size, are a variety of colors, and can curl up into a ball, but have armor plating. Some have been briefly seen in a couple of games. They have also been seen as enemies in games such as the Sonic the Hedgehog games or the Mega Man franchise.