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Accounting: Truth in Accounting; Accounting expressed in nature is derived from math and physics and can be expressed in mathematical terms, in numbers and systems, based (usually) in a base-10 math (1,2,3...10,11, etc.), and by the numeral “0” (zero), zero is used in a multiple of other math systems as well as the 10 base; but Accounting is most commonly known to humans as: "The process and recording of the summation of all; energy, materials, goods and services - “in and out," and the perfect sum of a true accounting, equals zero.

The sum of all energy, in and out, of any perfect account equals zero. In the absence of zero there can be only two other solutions; a positive (+) expressed as a credit or a negative (-) expressed as a debit. Realize; The Universe, Galaxies, our Sun, our solar system, the earth and even small magnets obey the laws of a perfect accounting sum. For instance; All Earth energy, as a result of solar (sunshine), surface (life) and sub-surface core activity act in a perfect sum equation; i.e. The Earth: the shadow or dark side yields (gives out) energy while the light side absorbs energy in "a perfect steady-state, net positive sum we can measure easily." Humans developed accounting as a way to ‘keep track’ of accounts including; live stock, grains, labor, commodities, currency payments, etc. in a credit and debit system for the purposes of calculating profit (or loss).

The idea of profit can be termed as “the surplus” or "the remainder" or “the interest”; and in thermo-physics (see below) this is known as "Entropy." In business these are referred to as "profit" or "loss" models. Modern accounting models use of derivatives and complex accounting equations in banking and stock markets; enslave, steal, cheat, tax or otherwise dispensate the working class of their; *investments, *labor and *possessions in servitude to a Principal commonly recognized in both ancient and modern times as Greed, which is associated with many types of for-profit organizations.

(Opinion of Author) Often organizations, form secret societies of one mind, “hosting themselves” in massive cultures and commonly 'coin' pictures of popular leaders and great speakers on brands, national currency' or symbols, propagandizing "service to the people." "Governments" serve two bodies, themselves and the masses; controlling a centralized banking system for taxation, a national military and to control economic forces; both of which first are formed to fend off enemies of the culture, and later are used control the masses.

Accounting in Truth is: "The process and recording of the summation of all; energy, materials, goods and services - “in and out," and the sum of any perfect account equals (=) negative (-), zero (0), or positive (+).

Magnetic Energy Accounting: Magnetism is an easily recognizable form of zero sum accounting (Reference = Maxwells equations on magnetism). Entropy is a thermodynamic theory which states; the sum of thermo dynamic event has a net positive sum. This is a Theory and not fully recognized by physicists. The net sum of a perfect accounting system will yield zero.