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Apple II.jpg This user remembers when the Apple II was cutting-edge technology.

About me[edit]

I'm a Canadian living in the city of Montreal.

I should mention I'm an avid fan, collector and current-day user (since 1983) of the Apple II computer line, particularly the Apple IIGS. Back in the day, starting in 1992 and well into the 2000's, I was regular contributor to the Usenet newsgroup comp.sys.apple2, where I shared a great deal of technical knowledge, history and general discussion about the Apple II. While much of that writing can still be found in the Google Groups archive, I found these days Wikipedia to be a far more easily accessible and reliable means of sharing information and knowledge. Hence what attracted me to Wikipedia in the first place.

I also was a contributing editor to II Alive magazine for a short time, and hope to eventually finish writing the Apple IIGS FAQ I started back in 1997.

In addition to writing about the Apple II computer series on Wikipedia, I also enjoy writing about other vintage personal computers and video game consoles, as well as articles on local establishments and history involving my home-town of Montreal.

Articles I've created[edit]

  • Apple IIe - The longest produced Apple computer, ever!
  • Apple IIc - The semi-portable version of the Apple II, and Apple Computer's first ever attempt at a portable machine
  • Apple IIc Plus - The sequel to the Apple IIc, and end of the line for the venerable Apple II series
  • List of Apple IIGS Games - A near-complete listing of all the commercial and popular shareware games titles released for the Apple IIGS
  • Les Terrasses - The defunct shopping mall that was later replaced by the Montreal Eaton Centre (now merged with that article)
  • Dollar Cinema - When it first opened a unique concept anywhere in Canada -- a real movie theater experience for only a buck!
  • Decarie Square Mall - A white elephant/dead mall in Montreal's Cote-St-Luc district

Other articles I frequently contribute to[edit]

I've also heavily contributed to articles such as Bens De Luxe Delicatessen & Restaurant, and (of course) the Apple IIGS, Apple III and a number of other articles related to Apple products and computers.