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Hey, you've reached janey the crazy's wikipedia userpage. I also go by Janey (nickname), Jane (my official name) and Gordon (half-life 2 reference), and I'm a 17 year old college freshperson majoring in computer science. I'm a huge geek, I use three different operating systems on a daily basis (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows), I'm waiting impatiently until I can vote Dubya out of office, and just so you know, beware my birthdate  :)


In regards to the languages: In all honesty, I do enjoy counting programming languages as part of languages that I know in general. It's funny, confuses people a lot, and says a bit more about me. I also am not that horribly bad with Grade 1 braille.

About my schooling[edit]

I used to go to the Highly Gifted Magnet at North Hollywood High, a program for people with above average IQs, until I got fed up with it and got a California State GED equivalent called the California High School Equivalency Exam. If I had to express my feelings and thoughts about the gifted/talented programs or the HGM in particular, it's that it was a great idea that's not being implemented correctly. Because that particular environment didn't fit me that well, I left and am currently attending Santa Monica College, planning on transferring to one of the UC's (most likely UC Berkeley) to get a BS and maybe a MS in Computer science, and then going on to medical school.

Come here to ask me to contribute?[edit]

My enthusiasm only goes so far. Regardless, feel free to leave me a message on my talk page or email me @ janelee[at]acm[dot]org :)

Stuff I love talking about: Apple, Macs, programming, human-computer interaction, accessibility, computers, digital rights management, cyberlaw, open source software, interaction design/interface design, BitTorrent and other P2P related topics, IRC, Korean movies, various TV shows (House MD, Grey's Anatomy, Book of Daniel, Boondocks, 24, IT Crowd, American Dad, ER, Prison Break, and a few more), and so on.

Stuff I don't mind talking about: Anything mentioned here, and anything that doesn't fall into the last category.

Stuff I dont really want to talk about, for personal/whatever reasons: depression, asthma, intelligence quotient, Visual Basic, homophobia, religion.

Pages I peek at[edit]

I don't contribute to Wikipedia that much, 1. because I'm not great at editing (especially NPOV), and 2. because I don't have too much time. But there are some articles I do watch and/or contribute to, or at least just watch (not watch watch, but just take a peek once in a while), because they're sort of interesting. Here's some of them:

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