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Booby's blue feet, fascinating, aren't they?
Lactarius indigo, pure wonder of nature!

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Myojakdo-Painting of Cats and Sparrows
Gopchang jeongol
Kkachi durumagi
Dak galbi
Andong jjimdak
Ganjang gejang
Korean temple cuisine
  1. ... that in North Korea, the question, "How good was the taste of sungeoguk (trout soup)" is used as a common greeting to people returning from Pyongyang? on December 15, 2009
  2. ... that among Korean regional cuisine, the luxurious style of Kaesong cuisine of North Korea is frequently compared with those of Seoul and Jeolla cuisines of South Korea? on November 29, 2009
  3. ... that American countertenor Bejun Mehta began his musical career as a boy soprano, praised by Leonard Bernstein? on November 29, 2009
  4. ... that the Korean painter of the Joseon period, Byeon Sang-byeok, was referred to as "Byeon Cat" because of his dedication to cat paintings such as Myojakdo (pictured)? on November 15, 2009
  5. ... that the Korean Painting of the Eastern Palace, is actually of two royal palaces to the east of Gyeongbokgung palace? on October 15, 2009
  6. ... that the Geumsansa temple in Gimje, South Korea, served as the training ground for the Buddhist volunteer corps along with monks against Japanese invasions of Korea in the end of the 16th century? on September 15, 2009
  7. ... that the Baekryulsa temple located in Gyeongju, South Korea, which was once the capital of the Silla kingdom, is believed to be associated with Ichadon, the first martyr for Buddhism in Korea? on August 22, 2009
  8. ... that in 993, Seo Hui, a Korean diplomat in the Goryeo period, prevented an invasion by Khitan troops? on August 15, 2009
  9. ... that Insadong is a district of Seoul consisting of galleries and antique shops, known for "culture of the past and the present"? on July 15, 2009
  10. ... that Gotjawal Forest, a naturally formed forest on Jeju Island in South Korea, consists of a rocky area of aa lava? on June 7 2009
  11. ... that soprano Deborah Voigt lost over 100 pounds (45 kg) by means of gastric bypass surgery after she was fired in the "Covent Garden incident"? on June 3 2009
  12. ... that gopchang jeongol (pictured), a spicy Korean casserole made by boiling beef tripe, vegetables, and seasonings in beef broth, is a popular dish when drinking alcoholic beverages in South Korea? on June 2 2009
  13. ... that when the Chinese delicacy Buddha Jumps Over the Wall was introduced to South Korea, the name ignited a controversy in the Buddhist community? on 11 May 2009
  14. ... that the Anyangcheon, a river in Gyeonggi Province and Seoul City of South Korea, is home to a variety of wildlife such as goldfish, Grey Heron and Northern Shoveler? on 2 May 2009
  15. ... that Kang Dae-ha, a film director, screenwriter from Jeju Island of South Korea, directed films related to Korean shamanism and tradition? on 1 May 2009
  16. ... that galbitang (pictured), a Korean soup made from beef short ribs called galbi, is a representative dish served at wedding receptions in South Korea? 26 March 2009
  17. ... that haejangguk is a kind of Korean guk (soup) consumed as a remedy for hangovers? 1 March 2009
  18. ... that a wonsam (pictured) was a female ceremonial robe for the queen, royalty, and nobility during the Korean Joseon Dynasty, though commoners could wear it for their wedding? 25 February 2009
  19. ... that during the Korean Joseon period, royal physicians squeezed milk from cows to make tarakjuk, a milk porridge, which was served only for the king and royalty? on 23 February 2009
  20. ... that dangui (pictured) was an upper garment worn by the royal women and court ladies for ceremonial occasions during the Korean Joseon Dynasty? on February 22 2009
  21. ... that Sanggung was an official title of the senior fifth rank, the highest attainable for gungnyeo, a lady-in-waiting during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea? on 16 February 2009
  22. ... that because of the strict sex segregation of the era based on Confucianism, Korea's Joseon Dynasty created a class of specialist female physicians known as Uinyeo? on 12 February 2009
  23. ... that King Yeongjo of the Korean Joseon Dynasty was said to have been born of a concubine from the musuri slave class? on 11 February 2009
  24. ... that gungnyeo is a generic Korean term referring to court ladies who waited on the king and royalty during the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties of Korea? on 10 February 2009
  25. ... that the 500-year-old title Yeonguijeong was created in 1400 CE during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, and given to the Chief State Councilor as the highest government position of "Uijeongbu"? on 3 January 2009
  26. ... that Hwanbyeokdang (pictured), a pavilion in South Korea, is associated with a tale regarding a dragon and 16th century poet Jeong Cheol? on 7 February 2009
  27. ... that of over 1,000 stone Buddha statues that once existed at the Korean Buddhist temple Unjusa, only 91 remain intact? on 15 December 2008
  28. ... that Irworobongdo (pictured) is a Korean folding screen with a stylized landscape painting for symbolizing the political cosmology of the Joseon Dynasty? on 23 November 2008
  29. ... that an outer jacket, magoja was introduced to Korea after the king's father, Heungseon Daewongun, returned from Manchuria in 1887? on 8 November 2008
  30. ... that Naksansa (pictured) is a Korean Buddhist temple founded in 671 CE near the place where the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is believed to live? on 2008-11-01
  31. ... that a 1989 Samsung commercial began the late South Korean actress Choi Jin-sil's path to stardom? on 2008-10-09
  32. ... that the colorful kkachi durumagi (pictured) evokes the good fortune associated with the magpie in Korean folklore? on 2008-10-07
  33. ... that Korean composer and violinist Hong Nan-pa is best known for his song Bongseonhwa written in 1919 which was widely sung during the Japanese occupation of Korea? on 2008-10-05
  34. ...... that a jeogori (pictured) is a Korean basic upper garment of traditional hanbok having been worn by both men and women? on 2008-10-05
  35. ... that the Korean traditional winter hat nambawi can be luxuriously adorned with gold leaf decoration for women? on 2008-09-30
  36. ... that a jobawi is a Korean traditional winter cap with ear-flaps which was worn by women during the late Joseon Dynasty? on 2008-09-29
  37. ... that a jokduri (pictured) is a type of Korean traditional coronet worn by women for special occasions such as weddings? on 2008-09-23
  38. ... that an ayam (pictured) is a Korean traditional winter cap mostly worn by women in the Joseon period? on 2008-09-22
  39. ... that a Japanese sea spirit named shōjō with red hair and a fondness for sake is featured in Noh and Kabuki plays?on 2008-09-21
  40. ... that Songpa sandaenori is a type of Korean mask play originated in the neighborhoods of Songpa-dong of Seoul, Korea? on 2008-09-21
  41. ... that dancheong (pictured) refers to Korean traditional decorative coloring on wooden buildings and artifacts for style? on 2008-09-20
  42. ... that memiljeon is a type of Korean pancake, made with buckwheat flour and vegetables? on 2008-09-12
  43. ... that the city of Chuncheon, Korea is famous for dak galbi (pictured), which is made by stir-frying marinated chicken, vegetables, and rice cake in chili pepper paste? on 2008-09-11]
  44. ... that Andong jjimdak (pictured) is a Korean steamed dish originated in the city of Andong? on 2008-09-11
  45. ... that gejang (pictured) is a variety of jeotgal, fermented seafood in Korean cuisine, which is made by marinating fresh raw crabs in soy sauce?on 2008-09-10
  46. ... that the beoseon are socks worn with hanbok, Korean traditional clothing? on 2008-09-10
  47. ... that white kimchi, Shiitake mushrooms, and rice cakes made with mung beans are elements of Korean temple cuisine (pictured)?"on 2008-08-15
  48. ... that the Sakuradamon Incident of 1932 was an unsuccessful assassination attempt against Emperor Hirohito of Japan by a Korean nationalist? on 2008-08-09
  49. ... that sotdae (pictured) is a tall wooden pole or stone pillar with a sculptured bird atop, traditionally set up for the purpose of folk belief in Korea? on 2008-07-15
  50. ... that namsadang is a Korean itinerant troupe during the Joseon Dynasty that performed acrobatics (example pictured), dancing, and playing like a circus? on 2008-07-14
  51. ... that Korean writer Park Kyung-ni spent 25 years writing the 16-volume epic novel Land, which has been included in the UNESCO Collection of Representative Works? on 2008-07-13
  52. ... that hwajeon (pictured) is a sweet Korean pancake or rice cake made of edible flower petals, glutinous rice flour, and sugar? on 2008-06-28
  53. ... that although the blackmouth angler is known for its ugly appearance, it is used for making agujjim (pictured), a popular Korean dish? on 2008-06-04
  54. ... that in Korean cuisine, dishes made by steaming vegetables such as cucumber, zucchini, or egg plant stuffed with seasoned fillings are called Seon? on 2008-06-02
  55. ... that the yuja hwachae, Korean traditional fruit punch made with Korean pear and yuja, is often served with flower pancakes made of chrysanthemum? on 2008-05-30
  56. ... that the baesuk (pictured) is a Korean traditional fruit punch made by simmering slices of Korean pear, black peppercorns, ginger, honey or sugar, and water? on 2008-05-24
  57. ... that Kim Swoo Geun, a leading South Korean architect was referred to as "Lorenzo de Medici of Seoul" by Time for his contributions to Korean culture? on 2008-05-06
  58. ... that the Ilmin Museum of Art is an art museum of South Korea, located on Sejongno, Jongno-gu, central district of Seoul where royal palaces and gates of Joseon dynasty are also situated? on 2008-05-05
  59. ...that kimchi bokkeumbap is a Korean fried rice made with kimchi and any available ingredients? on 2008-04-11

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