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My name is Tony Woolrich and I live in the UK. I began editing Wikipedia in June 2004.

My special field is the history of engineering and manufacturing in the time of the Industrial Revolution.

I was a contributor to the New Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and to the Biographical Dictionary of Civil Engineers, as well as specialist journals.

I am greatly interested in the history of encyclopaedias and early technical books, industrial espionage during the Industrial Revolution and the history of machine tools.

I worked as a publisher's editor, and also as a consultant on engineering history.

Working on the Wikisource 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica project took up some of my time. I was also an Administrator on Wikisource.

I came away from Wikipedia in the late 2000s, being involved in other things. I have now returned and have begun picking up the pieces again, in particular Rees's Cyclopaedia and its contributors. I have posted a page about Charles Burney's music articles in Rees, with lists of them and his biographical articles about musicians.

When I am not here I volunteer at my local museum.

New articles I have written[edit]