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The following is a list of episodes from the popular TV series of Matthew Mystery.

Season Five[edit]

Episode Number Episode Title Plot
27 Nightmare Robin has a nightmare of all his fellow Titans turning against him and attacking him. Due to this, he is afraid of his fellow Titans and doesn't wish to participate in missions with them. But when the Riddler hypnotises them, Robin must understand that his the Titans would never turn against him.
28 Icy Depths The Titans face Frost, a superhuman with the ability of ice control, who is turning their beloved city into a snow haven.
29 Friday the 13th It's Friday the 13th, and the Titans are afraid of bad luck happening to them. This is good news for Jinx, however, as this is the day she is all powerful.
30 Kid Flash While on a mission, Flash meets a young boy who is absolutely obsessed with him. Kid Flash, as he calls himself begins to have unexpected visits to the Titasn Tower. But the Titasn really worry when he starts joining them in missions.
31 Fashion Victim Starfire begins to hang out with a group of fashion-proclaimed girls. However, she does not know that they are actually Mystique in disguise and has a master plan up her sleeve.