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Userbox Page

>>Welcome to the userbox page of Aquarius Rising.


This user's deviation is standard IQ curve.svg
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user's homeworld is mostly harmless.
ex This box is an example of what it looks like.
Be bold.png This user is bold, but not reckless, in updating pages.
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Clown chili peppers.jpg This user is a member of the Wikipedia Department of Fun.
Crystal kthememgr.svg This user is a member of
WikiProject Userboxes.
Blue question mark.svg This user frequently experiences déjà vu or has a bad memory.
Aztec mask 050910 170205.jpg This user's favourite colour isn't green.
Cocacola-1917.png This user is interested in pop culture.
Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Tower of Babel (Vienna) - Google Art Project - edited.jpg This user helps with Wikipedia:Pages needing translation into Linear B.
Java-4 This user is an expert coffee drinker.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.svg This user enjoys rock music.
Bellis perennis white (aka).jpg This user enjoys psychedelic rock.
Ankh.png This user is interested in ancient civilizations.
Leprosy victims taught by bishop.jpg This user is interested in the
Middle Ages
Birth of Venus detail.jpg
This user is interested in the Renaissance period.
Halo This user is a member of
WikiProject Saints.
ICXC NIKA.svg This user is an Orthodox Christian.
O:) This user is an Angel.
Red rose.jpg
This user is interested in beauty.
Nuvola apps kuickshow.png This user takes time to
eat the flowers.
Fernand Khnopff 001.jpg This user is a Symbolist.
Star visconti-sforza.jpg This user understands, or is learning to understand, the language of the birds.
Greek uc sigma.svg This user is greater than the sum of his or her userboxes.
APB {{{info}}}
Current event marker.png This userbox documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses.
Cscr-featured.png This user created this Featured Userbox on Wikipedia.
Ouroboros.png This user has no userboxes on their userpage.
Small scream.png This user spends far too much time editing their user page.
Wikipedia-logo.png This user alleges that he or she has created, edited or read 5,552,297 articles on English Wikipedia.
Abc-cleanup-template.png Thise userrbox containes mny misspelings and requiries cleanup.
Flag of the Pitcairn Islands.svg This user has never lived in the Pitcairn Islands.
This user is not an adherent of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism but likes the Flying Spaghetti Monster's image enough to include it in a userbox.
Ne This user is egalitarian and believes that noble gases should be abolished.
Aquarius.svg This user is an Aquarius Rising.
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en This user is a native speaker of the English language.
ang Þes brūcere is gecynde Englisc sprecere.
This user has big problems with using Simple English and he/she does not understand English at all. Please be polite and benevolent or use another language.
fr-2 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau intermédiaire en français.
fro-1 Icest faitre poet assister a un nivel bas de la langue francor.
eur-1 Dieser user peut contributer at una gebasic niveau del Europanto.
sux-0 This user does not understand Sumerian (or understands it with great difficulty).
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Flute Head.JPG This user plays the flute.
kzo-4 This user is a professional kazoo player.
END This user has no more userboxes.
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